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See how Grêmio 4×1 São Luiz was at Recopa Gaúcha

Suarez’s first appearance in a shirt Syndicate It couldn’t be more impressive: The striker scored three times in 37 minutes Against Sao Luiz, he drove nearly 50,000 fans in the arena in Porto Alegre crazy and showed he was still one of the world’s greats in the position. In the midst of the bid for Uruguay, Betillo left his place, and Paulinho Santos withdrew money for Igoe’s team. In addition, the 4-1 result gave Grêmio the title of Recopa Gaúcha.

Suarez’s work

  • His last hat-trick came in October 2018, when he scored three of Barcelona’s five goals Real Madrid;
  • This is the first time that Uruguay has scored three goals in the first half since December 2013.

Suarez game

Suarez was greeted before the start of the match. In the second half, when he was substituted, the Grêmio crowd stood applauding the Uruguayan striker.

  • Suarez scored a wonderful goal after only 4 minutes.
  • Score two more typical goals for a striker before the break;
  • He almost set up the fourth goal when he dribbled the goalkeeper with his body, but he shot it wide

Luis Suarez put on a show on his debut in a Grêmio shirt


Was this your best appearance, Suarez?

I think so. On my debut, I scored goals against Atletico Madrid two years ago. [Sobre a nossa] Mindset: For us, tonight, that’s final. When you focus on the final, you have to play like today.” Suarez, to Sportive, between the first half

How was the celebration of Uruguay Diego Rocha?

We knew we were going to face a top scorer and one of the best scorers in the world. what will I say? It’s hard to score, and it’s no wonder he’s one of the best goalscorers in the world. Can’t give way. He had five or six chances and out of three he succeeded.” Diego Rocha, defender of Sao Luiz, during a break in the match against Sportive


1 x 0. After Ijuí’s team fouled the ball, Ferreira received it on the left end and quickly activated the Uruguay: at the start, Suarez gave a great touch to the ball and got past goalkeeper Gabriel Felix.

1 x 1. Even São Luiz toned down the grimistas a little later. At a corner kick, Jor Vinicius crossed low and Paulinho Santos completed Breno’s goal.

2 x 1. The party was only threatened for a minute. In a great move to the right, Betillo received from Kampaze and hit hard to tie the score.

3 x 1. Suarez reappeared in the 30th minute. In a move that began with Kannemann anticipating a release from São Luiz, Ferreira once again played first to his teammate who, very coolly, dislodged Gabriel Félix and walked out into a group hug off the bench.

4×1. The number 9 shone again, reaching a hat-trick before leaving the field at the end of the first half. After a corner kick at the left end, Rinaldo crossed and saw the striker clear the markers. The ball swerved midway and landed at the feet of Suarez, who fired and blew up the pitch.

Watch goals

data sheet

GRÊMIO 4×1 SÃO LUIZ – Recopa Gaúcha

date and time: January 17, 2023, 7:30 PM (Brasilia time)
Place: Arena do Gremio in Porto Alegre
Rule: Leandro Foden
Assistants: Mauricio Coelho Silva Pena and Thiago Augusto Cabes Dell
Yellow cards: It was not
Red cards: It was not
Objectives: Suárez (GRE), at 4min 30min 37 of the first half; Paulinho Santos (SLU), in the 14th minute of the first period; Bitello (GRE), 16 minutes into the first half

Syndicate: Breno. Fabio (Tacciano), Bruno Alves, Kahneman and Rinaldo; Villasante, Pepe, Betillo (Carballo), Ferreira (Guilherme) and Campaz (Gustavinho); Suarez (Diego Souza). Technician: Renato Gaucho.

Sao Luiz: Gabriel Felix (Pablo); Mizael, Diego Rocha, Rafael Goiano and Marcio Goiano (Lucas Sampaio); David (Moises), Paulinho Santos and Leon (Mauritius); Garou, Uygor Vinicius (William Amorim) and Ederson. Technician: William Campos.

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