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SEC President Contacts the European Parliament on Crypto Regulation – The Times

“I hope the change we are experiencing now will be as great as it was created by the Internet in the 1990s,” said Kensler (Image: Reuters / Jose Louis Magna)

This Wednesday (1st), the Chairman of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC, Abstract in English) USA, Gary Jensler, Connected European Parliament for “exchange of experience”.

In virtual conversation with Committee on Economic and Monetary AffairsThe SEC President outlined the financial technologies that will bring the European and US markets closer by removing boundaries.

“I believe the change we are experiencing now may be as great as it was created by the Internet in the 1990s,” Kensler said.

The SEC President particularly emphasized the importance of the sector Cryptoactive”. “This $ 2.1 trillion asset class is truly global. It has no boundaries or limits. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” he explained.

Billy Keller, The Irish MP asked Kensler about new technologies that cryptocurrencies can use to help regulators ensure investor security.

“Yes, there are technologies that can help sites prevent money laundering and ensure investor protection,” Kensler explained.

“But it’s a combination of hardware and software on sites, especially software, and what you do in your assembly and what we do as controllers.”

Fixed funding And new environmental, social and governmental (ESG) expressions were considered as a high priority by the panel, as were those of the SEC and US regulators.

Climate change and government pressures have made lenders around the world add sustainability concerns to their risk calculations when choosing investments.

Zensler’s comments during the meeting were similar Previous texts For American organizations. However, he spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for European countries.

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Secretary Treasury Department Janet Yellen of the United States has spent most of 2021 on a diplomatic drive to establish global standards for corporate taxes to reduce inequality between nations.

In the crypto empire, Yellen and Jensler focused somewhat Staple coins In trade.

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