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Scientists say Einstein's main theory may be wrong

Scientists say Einstein’s main theory may be wrong

Although the general theory of relativity of a theoretical physicist Albert Einstein Having proved successful in describing the gravity of stars and planets, it turned out to be inapplicable on all possible scales.

We know that everything in the universe has gravity and that the universe feels it too. However, gravity, the most common of all the known fundamental forces, presents an enormous challenge to physicists.

For decades, it has been The general theory of relativity Passed many observational tests. From the first, in which Eddington’s measurement showed us the deflection of stellar light from the Sun, in 1919, to the very recent discovery of gravitational waves🇧🇷

However, when we try to apply the laws of Einstein’s theory over very short distances, where the laws of quantum mechanics cooperate or even when we try to describe a complete Universehis theory ends up bringing up unresolved questions.

Recent research findings suggest that perhaps Einstein’s theory of general relativity had to be adjusted, in some way, to scales that it couldn’t “fit”. We could design tests to check whether or not the universe could end up obeying the rules of Albert Einstein’s theory.

The theory describes gravity as a curvature or distortion of space-time, in that it will bend the paths along which light and matter travel. Thus, it is crucial to remember the fact that the theory predicts that the paths of light and matter must be bent by gravity in the same way.

What do modern theories say?

Recent research suggests that there will be evidence of a possible inconsistency with the physicist’s prediction, although the statistical significance is very low. This ends up proving the possibility that gravity works differently on large scales and that Einstein’s theory of general relativity must receive some modifications.

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Finally, the research concluded that it is very difficult to solve the voltage problem. Hubble and that for it to be resolved it would probably not be sufficient to change the theory of gravity.

The way to solve this question is likely to be to add some new component to the cosmological model, one that was present before the moment when protons and electrons first came together, forming hydrogen shortly after the event. the great explosion🇧🇷