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Science says vegans are more productive at work

Science says vegans are more productive at work

According to a new study, plant foods improve focus and mood at work thanks to polyphenols

  • A research organization conducted a study on plant foods
  • Cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, and red peppers are rich in polyphenols
  • By stabilizing insulin, they keep the body and mind active and regulate the bowels.
  • Energy production is affected by its quantity “attractive” specific food
  • Plant foods are associated with lower levels of inflammation
  • It allows the mind to stress less and stay more focused

A plant-based diet will make people more positive and productive at work than those who compulsively eat meat and dairy. It reveals a new study commissioned by a research institution From food delivery service Just Eat. According to the analysis, in fact, in 2021, two out of three Italians (67%) chose the reduction Consumption of meat and fishwhich for health reasons (45%) and which, on the other hand, to reduce its impact on the environment (28%).

More than half of the people surveyed consider a plant-based diet to be healthier (55%) and environmentally friendly (57%) than a traditional diet. In addition, plant foods will increase ability to focus In our minds, it will also have a positive effect on a good mood. In the ranking of the best vegetarian foods “to stimulate” Remember to have: dark chocolate, leafy greens, and protein-rich plant foods like dried vegetables and fruits.

Sugar and caffeine from foods “Error”

According to Dr. Naidoo, an expert on the links between diet and mental capacity, it is important to include food in an individual’s diet. Rich in polyphenols Such as cauliflower, carrots, broccoli and red pepper. By stabilizing insulin, these substances keep the activity of the body, mind and intestines properly regulated. The production of energy that comes from the food we eat is affected by the amount “attractive” A specific meal or snack. Plant foods are associated with lower levels of inflammation and allow our brains to expend less energy to keep us moving.

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“Low-grade inflammation turns off a metabolic switch in the chemical pathway that produces energy”Uma Naidoo, MD, a psychiatrist and nutritionist at Harvard Medical School explains. According to the expert, there are foods “Error”, which appears to help us restore energy, but actually does not. Among these we find sugar and caffeine, for example, which once ingested improve focus and performance at work, but after a short period of consumption can cause decrease in productivity and loss of energy.