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Scarpa should not continue in Nottingham and decides to return to Brazil

Scarpa should not continue in Nottingham and decides to return to Brazil

Gustavo Scarpa must not follow Nottingham Forest For the continuation of the season, according to the ESPN. The Brazilian was excluded from Premier League debut in a 2-1 loss against ArsenalHe discusses his future with his managers and the club.

However, one thing is clear on the attacking midfielder’s mind: He does not think of returning to Brazil and wants to stay in Europe – Recently Flamingo I looked into your situation. It should be noted that the window in national football is closed at the moment, but he does not evaluate the return even in the next transfer window.

And according to sources linked to the English club, Scarpa was planning to be evaluated in pre-season, after not having much chances in his first months in England.

ex player Palm treesHowever, he did not make a good impression ESPN. Scarpa played his first minutes of pre-season in a defeat by Forest Leedsby 2 to 0.

At the end of the week, when asked by the news outlet ESPN About Scarpa’s non-binding, f Coach Steve Cooper noted the player’s injury, but also gave a message about taking advantage of his chances when entering the field..

“I think everyone (the athletes on the team) is in the same boat. Yes, he is [Scarpa] He’s had a few injuries (since arriving at the club). Unfortunately, he came back from pre-season on the injured list along with two other players. He’s in that normal process of trying to work to earn a spot on the team, and if he has opportunities, he takes them. It’s that simple, he said.

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According to newspapers in Greece and also in England, the Olympiacos is one possible destination for Scarpa, though nothing concrete yet. The club has the same owner as Forest, Evangelos Marinakis. a “The gazetafrom Greece, says this week could be crucial for the negotiations.

Forest defender who helped adapt DaniloWilly Boly, another former Palmeiras player, for speaking fluent Portuguese, analyzed the reasons why Scarpa did not play in England.

“I think (Scarpa and Danilo) are two different players. If you have to compare the two, their intensity is completely different. Scarpa is a player, and I’m not saying Danilo has no technique, but Scarpa is a player who touched the ball very well. But the truth is we are a team that plays a lot. On the counterattack, so it’s a little more difficult for him, ”he noted.

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