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SBT anchor crying immediately after the report: “I was so emotional”

SBT anchor crying immediately after the report: “I was so emotional”

Marcia Dantas was touched by an article about abandoned children in Angola

Marcia Dantas cried during a press presentation on SBT

Marcia Dantas cried during an SBT press presentation

Photo: Playback/SBT

SBT Brasil presenter, Marcia Dantas, was teleported live after airing a report on abandoned children in Angola on Monday, 4. She could not hold back her tears and needed help from her partner to continue the anchor’s appeal.

This report was prepared by Sergio Osch, SBT’s Europe and Africa Correspondent. On the bench, Marcia was crying and couldn’t hide her shaking.

It was José Luis Filho, who also introduced the paper, who wrote the following article, about the floods in Rio Grande do Sul.

“Sorry, Zee,” said Marcia, “I was very moved by the report from Angola.” “You can let me do it here, Marcia, don’t worry,” Jose Luiz Filho said.

Marcia used social media to explain to her followers what had happened and to thank them for the messages of affection.

“Today I could almost finish my paper because of a story about abandoned children in Angola. It was so hard to see. I almost couldn’t. It was so powerful, so heavy. To me, journalism only makes sense when it touches people,” he said. journalist.

“I couldn’t just pretend and carry on. Maybe in the old days we did journalism where we had to be 100% serious and insensitive, just to report the news, but I never believed in that journalism. I always believed in ‘the most humane journalism possible’. I stopped moving several times, but this time I couldn’t, and that’s okay.”

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