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SBT actor recalls his US apartment fire: ‘I lost everything’

SBT actor recalls his US apartment fire: ‘I lost everything’

In an interview with CARAS Brazil, Velson D’Souza celebrated SBT and his return to Brazil

Again SPT, actor Wilson D’Souza (30) has already gone through a difficult episode while living in America. The artist left Brazil for 12 years, and while living in New York, he faced a fire in his building. “For seven years in New York my building burned and destroyed everything, and I lost everything I had“, He said that CARAS Brazil.

The artist says around 40 families were living in the building when the fire broke out, but although many lost their belongings, no one was injured. “I lost film equipment, clothes, everything overnight and had to start from scratch.“, he added, Visible in the air at Childhood of Romeo and JulietFrom SBT.

After the fire, Wilson says, he enlisted the help of a friend and started living in his co-worker’s room. She stayed for four months with the young man’s support and then decided to move to Los Angeles. For the artist, the move represented a personal and professional rebirth, and he stayed in the city until he returned to Brazil.

I was reborn there [em Los Angeles]. In the building, nothing happened to anyone, we only lost things. But it made me look at the world differently and it was a learning experience for me.“, he concluded. Before returning to SBT, the actor worked on plays and international projects, and is devoting himself to a master’s degree.

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In addition to three years of studies, the actor claims to have produced six films and had the opportunity to act in Broadway plays and serials. Master of none, on Netflix, and co-hosts a reality show. “I was able to play characters that I had never imagined in my life and it opened up another world for me and connected me to other realities.

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