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Santos wins, becomes captain in possible farewell for Carril

Santos wins, becomes captain in possible farewell for Carril

The final stage witnessed Santos’ expulsion and the cancellation of the penalty kick.. Carril changed Santos’ team at the end of the first half, removing the yellowed Aderlan and replacing Rodrigo Ferreira. But it was the substitute who hurt the team, being sent off straight away after a violent tackle. With the extra goal, Fuzao increased the slight pressure they were already putting on at 11 versus 11 and even got a penalty. The call was overturned after the video assistant referee called on referee Emerson Ricardo and he found no foul on the play between JP Chermont and Aylon.

David Ricardo, from Ceara, had to be taken off the pitch in an ambulance.At the end of the match, the home team defender fought over the ball in the air with goalkeeper Gabriel Brazao, of Santos, and ended up lying on the pitch with pain in his head. He was treated, got up, and walked off the pitch supported by his teammates, but he lay down again after the baseline, and the doctors activated the concussion protocol and called for an ambulance.

Important plays and goals

Gabriel Brazao made two saves! Santos’ goalkeeper got to work in the first few minutes. First, Saulo Mineiro fired from distance and forced the number 77 to fly and catch the ball with a different hand. Shortly afterwards, Escobar reversed the wrong play, as Eric Pulga expected, but he stretched the ball too far, and Santos’ archer came out to cut the ball.

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Unbelievable, Giuliano. Pedrinho stole the ball in the attacking half and played it into the middle. Matheus Bahia spoiled the cut and it presented itself to Giuliano. Goal number 20 finished, Richard received the ball and again the midfielder had the chance, without a goalkeeper. He held the ball badly and sent it out.

Otero opens the scoringAt his best, Otero put Santos ahead in the 24th minute. The 22nd player took a free kick from the midfielder, the ball bounced near Richard and ended up in the right corner of the Ceara goalkeeper.