Edina Alves Batista, Sao Paulo and Santos referees (Credit: FIFA)

After the judges of the eighth round of the Paulistao Championship were announced by the FPF, it was announced Santos He expressed his position on choosing Edina Alves to referee the El Clásico match next Wednesday.

edina, Which already had a controversial refereeing in 2022 San SaoHe was selected for the confrontation between Sao Paulo and Santos. The club respects the decision of the São Paulo Football Federation arbitration panel, and hopes that any previous errors will serve as an opportunity for reflection and technical improvement to ensure impartiality in the important match of the first stage of the Paulista Championship.

Check out the note from Santos Futebol Clube:

“With regard to the selection of referee Edina Alves to officiate the classic match between São Paulo and Santos in Morumbes, FC Santos respects the decision of the refereeing committee of the São Paulo Football Association and hopes that the serious mistakes made by the referee in the past will lead to reflection and improvement on his technical level so that he and his assistants can From leading an important match in the first stage of the tournament, without compromising the spectacle, so that the heroes of the match are the athletes.

Santos is in the process of rebuilding his history. He does not need to benefit, but he demands integrity and neutrality so that nothing will harm him in this recovery.

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Santos and São Paulo will face each other at the Murom Pace Stadium, in a match played within the eighth round of Paulistão. The San Sao match will be held next Wednesday (14), at 7:30 pm.

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