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Santa Catarina declares a state of emergency due to dengue fever – Trippa de Itaboa

Santa Catarina declares a state of emergency due to dengue fever – Trippa de Itaboa

The Acting Governor of the State of Santa Catarina, Marilisa Boehm, the Secretary of State for Health, Carmen Zanotto, and the Director of Epidemiological Surveillance of the SC, João Augusto Brancher Fox, participated in the press conference to sign the Epidemiological Emergency Decree due to the invasion of the Aedes aegypti mosquito in Santa Catarina, which was held this Thursday (21) in Joinville.

An increase in the number of municipalities in which the Aedes aegypti mosquito is infested; The higher number of probable dengue cases reported compared to the same period in 2023; Recording dengue deaths and the occurrence of potentially risky events to extrapolate response capacity, as well as saturation of the Unified Health System (SUS) under municipal supervision and state guidance, were the justifications given by the state government for the use of this tool.

Marilisa Boehm, acting governor of the state, stressed that Santa Catarina is committed to the fight against dengue fever. “We will overcome this disease. What we need now is the help of the residents.” She also noted that Joinville has very favorable conditions for mosquito invasion, as it is a hot city and there is a lot of rain. “I ask all residents to take a look at their homes every day,” he concluded. “.

In addition to the signing of the emergency decree, parts of the state government's communication campaign were presented, which began broadcasting this week in online and offline media, such as open and closed television, radios, terminals, websites, newspapers and networks. Social networks, busdoor, external boards and others.

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“Increase in cases compared to the previous year [2023] The high number of municipalities infested with Aedes aegypti, in addition to the occurrence of deaths due to the disease, makes this moment of mobilization necessary. Santa Catarina State Secretary of Health, Carmen Zanotto, explains the importance of the emergency decree in facilitating the state government's actions to support municipalities. For her, the decree also facilitates better control of the situation and provision of adequate and rapid care, reducing the number of serious cases and deaths caused by the disease.

In Santa Catarina there are 17,696 possible cases of dengue in 177 municipalities, which represents a 650% increase compared to 2023. Given the current scenario, in addition to the emergency decree and the intensification of measures, it is essential that the population understands the risk of maintaining habits that allow dengue mosquitoes By reproduction. “Therefore, a joint effort is needed between public authorities and the population to control Aedes aegypti. It is more necessary than ever to examine and eliminate places where water can accumulate. “This is still the best disease prevention strategy,” emphasizes the DIVE director. , Joao Augusto Brancher Fox.

Business meeting

On the same occasion as the declaration of the state of emergency, a technical working meeting was also held on the epidemiological scenario of dengue in the Greater Health Region Planalto Norte Nordeste, composed of Araquari, Balneario Barra do Sul, Garova, Itapua, Joinville and São. Francisco do Sul, Barra Velha, Coroba, Guaramirim, Jaragua do Sul, Massaranduba, São João do Itabrio, Schroeder, Bella Vista do Toldo, Campo Alegre, Canuinhas, Irinopolis, Itaeopolis, Mafra, Major Vieira, Monte Castillo, Papandova, Porto Uñao . Rio Negrinho, Sao Bento do Sul and Tres Barras. In addition to health representatives, other government departments and trade associations were present. The aim of the meeting was to raise awareness about the dengue scenario in the region, in addition to preparing specialists to confront the increase in cases of the disease at the beginning of the year. Secretary Carmen Zanotto stressed the importance of all necessary measures to organize the healthcare services network.

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From the Communications Office of the Ministry of Health of the State of Santa Catarina, with modifications from Tribuna de Itapua. Photo: Ricardo Wolfenbüttel/Secom-SC.

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