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"Sand Devil" found on a UK beach;  Video

“Sand Devil” found on a UK beach; Video

A “sand ghost” was caught on camera off the coast of England. During Hurricane Franklin a rare event with a strange name occurred in North Wales, causing rain and flooding across the country.

According to the British newspaper GlassThe “sand ghost” – a vortex created by the sand of the region – was observed on Sunday (20/2) by William Dolmore, who shared the video on social media.

“I was in the parking lot and could see there was a spiral around the corner. At first I looked at things or thought it was raining. After a while, I realized it wasn’t like that,” Tallimore said.

“I thought it was a small hurricane, but I discovered that this phenomenon is called the ‘sand ghost’, and it hovered around for a few hours,” he declared.

A spiral of this magnitude is often quick, but it is incredibly strong. It is usually half a meter wide and a few meters high. In exceptional cases, it is more than 10 m wide and 1 km high.

Weather Chase, an expert, said, “This phenomenon occurs when hot air on the surface begins to rise rapidly with cold air and high altitudes in the atmosphere. The hot air stretches and causes a vortex-like motion.

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