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Russia launches an all-out offensive on Ukraine’s cities, wounded and wounded: officials | Ukraine and Russia

A firefighter works to put out a fire after a Russian attack on the Odessa region on May 8, 2023 – Photo: Reuters

A mass attack carried out by Russia injured several people, Monday (8), in cities across Ukraine, according to local authorities. Explosions and attacks were reported in Kiev and other parts of the country.

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In the Kiev region, five people were injured. Ukrainian authorities claimed a drone attack. Air defense systems repel the attack.

In the port city of Odessa, missiles set a food warehouse on fire, according to Ukrainian officials.

In the east of the country, Russia intensified its bombing in Bakhmut. Ukrainian military officials said the Russians planned to take the city by Tuesday.

May 9 is an important date for Russia, which celebrates “Victory Day”. History marks the defeat of Nazi Germany by the Russians.

Attacks against Ukraine have intensified as Russia prepares for a Victory Day parade.

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