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Rosie says they expect a fight from the former farm workers

Rosie says they expect a fight from the former farm workers

Those who are excluded fromfarm 2022 “(RecordTV) Already confined to a hotel. On Sunday they will return to Itaperica da Serra, where they will take part in a prize-winning race.

From the hotel, Lucas Silvi spoke with Roseanne Pinheiro, who was eliminated third in the competition. The dancer told, afterward, a little about her expectation of returning and meeting with the excluded others: “For me, it would be something, we’d take part in games, we’d meet, we’d welcome each other socially, because everyone looks polite and goes with the flow, and whoever wants to enjoy the party will enjoy it.” , the previous worker started.

However, Rosie said that when reading some of the letters and posts, she saw that they were waiting for a clash between them: “People count on someone to act aggressively, so that there is a fight,” he said.

So that everyone comes out with punches, becoming one fightpunch, knife, chair, I guess they depend on that. Roseanne Pinheiro

She, who was in Group A, emphasized that the game only continues for those in the game, not for those who have already left. He noted that “people don’t live ‘the life that goes on’. They want to carry on like they’re in the game playing for 1.5 million.”

To Lucas, no names were mentioned.

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Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV

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