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Róger Guedes returns to poke the VP and recalls a prank on Palmeiras: “I know people who hit, I want them to get away…” |  soccer

Róger Guedes returns to poke the VP and recalls a prank on Palmeiras: “I know people who hit, I want them to get away…” | soccer

Striker Roger Geddes once again declared his dissatisfaction with coach Vitor Pereira, who led him in Corinthians It’s 2022 and he’s at Flamengo today.

Without naming the Portuguese coach, Roger Guedes said that Vitor Pereira’s departure not only pleased him, but also the other players in the squad. Corinthians.

In Palmeiras, Roger Guedes suffers hazing

– We were happy to know it was him (new coach Fernando Lazaro). But we would be glad just to know that the other one had already left, we were already glad of that. No need to deny, no need to lie in front of the cameras. The environment is great now, it’s a review, before that there was no – said Timão No. 10, to the “Podpah” podcast.

Guedes expressed some of his reasons for his dissatisfaction with Vitor Pereira and explained the difference between him and his successor, Fernando Lázaro:

– They don’t owe contentment, it’s in charge, it’s hierarchical, but everything has loyalty, it’s talking, it’s talking. At the beginning of the year, Fernando came up to me and said, ‘I know your mood, I understand you, I know you’re probably going to leave the game angry. I will not stay with you … because I understand you. So much so that the times I got angry last year, agreed with me – said the forward, who continued:

– Last year there were three or four games in a row that left me with 15 in the second half. You say: “What’s going on?” Score a goal or not, you left. If you play badly, that’s okay. And the player is the first to know when he is in trouble. You will leave and shut up. And when he is healthy and leaves the game … I left the Brazil Cup finals. Well, I stayed… The first time, I was angry, and Renato was angry. But the camera comes to me.

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Roger Guedes is Corinthians’ top scorer this season – Photo: Marcos Riboli

In more than one moment, Rouge Guedes paid tribute to Fernando Lázaro:

– He understands the athlete he has, and realizes that even if one is bad and the other is good, the bad one can be more decisive. Every coach needs this.

Jogging in Palmeiras

Another topic that Roger Geddes addressed in the interview was the hazing he received when he played for Palmeiras (Watch the video at the beginning of the article). It was April 2017 when Verdau’s players went after the striker during training, slapping and shoving, throwing eggs, leaving him tied up in the middle of the pitch and singing “Happy Birthday to You” – however, Guedes’ birthday was only in October.

– Eduardo Batista, the day before the match, he put me on the bench and didn’t even talk to me. I was among the best on the team, and he wasn’t even talking to me. You don’t owe me any satisfaction, but I didn’t like it. He was young. I called my manager and said: I’m leaving, I won’t stay at the bank, no. If you need me, I won’t be ready. I spoke to some the other day. I went to Eduardo, and said I didn’t like his style – Guedes said.

– I know those who beat to this day, I want them to …, but I’m not spiteful

Roger Geddis is the best scorer in the world Corinthians In the season with eight goals in 10 matches.

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