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Flamengo’s previous position on criticism of Andric Palmeiras striker – Flamengo – Flamengo news and match

At the age of 16, Andrique became the target of criticism after he was sold to Real Madrid (Spain).

Former Flamengo number 10 shirt Diego Ribas took to social media to stand in defense of striker Andric, from Palmeiras. At the age of 16, the boy became a constant target of critics, prompting the former player to speak out and seek understanding from the investigators.

According to Diego Ribas, Endrique became “easy prey” for criticism from part of the fans. And because he is a promise in football, attention is focused on the Palmeiras jewel, who is under pressure not to score any goals in 2023, after 11 matches. On the other hand, for the former midfielder, this gets many people past the point of criticism, which is the exact opposite of what the former Flamengo thinks fans should be doing: helping develop the athlete.

I went through this when I went up (to the pro) at 16, I had a lot of responsibility, I was criticized, but today there is an aggravating factor. In my time, people sought information, today, information is what we tirelessly seek. Something happens, after five, ten, 15 seconds, everyone’s shaming, judging, and it can be very serious. – said Diego in a video posted on social networks.

Endrick was sold for around R$ 400 million by Palmeiras to Real Madrid (ESP). Some fans question this value. For Diego Ribas, the striker is not the one responsible for the numbers surrounding the negotiations between Sao Paulo club and the Spanish national team.

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I hope you are surrounded by people who make you feel loved and respected, no matter what outcome you give us. Ask for help, strengthen your mind, this is essential, but above all: have fun, enjoy what you do well Diego finished.