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Research points to the most “bleak” stage in a person’s life

Research points to the most “bleak” stage in a person’s life

Are you ready to be willing to talk about a very interesting topic? Well, let’s discuss about A mixture of age and happiness.

There are those who say that he went through a stage of life in which he did not see any possibilities for anything and lived in moments of sadness. But, after all, does he really exist?

Happiness is a non-linear feeling

Research conducted in 2020 in the United States indicated that there is, yes, the famous “happiness curve” and that most people notice it during their lifetime. In the studies, 134 countries were analyzed.

There is no doubt that culture plays an important role in how we experience happiness throughout our lives. Each country has its own nuances and traditions that can influence our views and emotions.

However, recent studies have revealed an interesting pattern: the peak of sadness tends to appear at the end of the forties, while feelings of appreciation begin to gain strength around this same stage of life.

Researchers dedicated to understanding the emotional aspects of human life claim that happiness peaks after the age of 50.

It’s as if the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment shifts gradually at this point in the journey.

Surprisingly, when it comes to the state of complete unhappiness, it has been observed that, on average, it occurs earlier in developed countries, around 47.2 years of age.

On the other hand, in developing countries this figure is a little later, around 48.2 years.

After all, what does psychology say about this phenomenon?

There are different theories, among which the fact that people go through adaptation in relation to their strengths and weaknesses in life stands out.

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In addition, maturity makes the way of facing dreams and limitations more positive.

If you are wondering if the economic situation affects in any way, the answer is yes. Until the age of 40, people feel the financial impact on their lives a lot, and this ends up leaving them in a much greater state of frustration.

In short, by the age of 40, most people will experience the deepest state of grief. Then, especially as they approach the age of 50, people will enjoy fuller and more intense happiness.