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Regina Duarte thanks the donations to pay compensation of R,000

Regina Duarte thanks the donations to pay compensation of R$30,000

The Jordanian Royal Court ordered the actress and former Minister of Culture to compensate Laila Deniz’s daughter for linking the actress to the dictatorship.

Actress and former Minister of Culture in the government of the former president Jair Bolsonaro (R L), Regina DuarteShe thanked her fans on her social media pages on Wednesday after receiving several donations related to the 30,000 Brazilian reais compensation that she must pay to Leila Diniz’s daughter, Janina Deniz.

In December 2022, Regina Duarte posted a video on her Instagram profile in which she stated that the military dictatorship “It was a requirement of the community“And the women took to the streets to ask.”Create the system“.

In the post there is a photo showing Leyla Deniz at a women’s demonstration against censorship.

Regina said she was surprised by the value of the donations and thanked her followers. But he stated that he would not use the money he received, because the operation is still ongoing.

“I want to thank you for all your care, affection, concern and concern for me. However, the process is not over yet, and the lawyers continue to work on my defense.”“, said the actress in a mail On your Instagram profile.

Regina announced that donation funds will be sent to help residents affected by rain and floods in Rio Grande do Sul.

“I inform you that all the amount I received will be credited to my account and donated to continue helping the volunteers in Rio Grande [do Sul] And the families there affected by the rains and floods.”He mentioned.

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