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Recognition of Unimed Londrina

Recognition of Unimed Londrina

The President of Unimed Londrina, Dr. Omar Janha Taha, received last week, in São Paulo, on behalf of the Medical Cooperative, a tribute from Unimed do Brasil and Central Nacional Unimed (CNU) for the 50th anniversary of the health plan operator. Taha took the opportunity to present the leaders with a book on five decades from Unimed Londrina. From left to right, CNU President, Dr. Luis Paulo Tostis Coimbra, Dr. Omar Janha Taha, and President of Unimed do Brasil, Dr. Omar Abu Jamra Jr.

model career

Gillette packaging was printed by Diego Pascini, in reference to the Champions League. The model, who lives in São Paulo and has lived for many years in Londrina, is one of the most sought-after models for work.

link? in Earth

There are people standing with their hair on the end, a real beast, after they found out that using apps that monitor who didn’t follow, i.e. stop following, on Instagram, leads to platform punishment. Apps are seen as bots, and for this reason, Instagram reduces access to the account, penalizes it or even deletes it…

This Thursday…

“Congratulations” is about photographer Eduardo Annezzelli, ophthalmologist Robson Begalli and journalist Vanusa Macarini Nino.

Recognition of Unimed Londrina

Katrina has arrived…

Izadora Bicalho and Felipe Briote are in awe: the journalist and businessman have welcomed their eldest daughter, Catarina, in recent weeks. Recorded by Fabiana Lubenetti

With you HTG

As Head of Heritage Jewels, Anna Paula Bressan vows to win again. She is also responsible for Maria Filó Londrina, at Aurora Shopping, who has just launched HTG, a line of semi-finished products from her heritage. The cut comes in 925 sterling silver, zirconia, and conquers the feminine wing for its good taste.

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First time fit

The network of academies betting on the low-cost system is in advanced negotiations for its debut in Londrina. dating for a long time…

Recognition of Unimed Londrina


The smile on the face of photographer and journalist Fernanda Bressan was not accidental. She, who for seven years devoted time, study and care to photographing children, pregnant women and family, in a new space, a studio with natural light. Photographer M Marino Al Farha


In environmental times, synthetic materials replace leather in appearance without losing their effect. In accessory stores, bags and shoes in the synthetic version are in high demand.

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Celebrating a birthday with a party of over 100 people is already bullshit, posting all the club records, so… The party, on a small town farm, last month, started at 3pm and there was no time to end…

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