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RAF P-8 jets will receive British-made torpedoes

RAF P-8 jets will receive British-made torpedoes

The Royal Air Force (RAF) today (30) announced new weapons for its P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol jets. The Sting Ray Mod.1 is a lightweight torpedo manufactured in the United Kingdom by BAe Systems.

The RAF has already progressed work on integrating the Sting Ray with the Poseidon, which will give the UK a powerful and sovereign torpedo capability that will give flexibility to the Poseidon fleet. The Sting Ray will be used with the American made Mk.54 torpedo.

Already used by the Royal Navy, the Sting Ray is used against submarines from ships, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, exemplifying the RAF. It has a sophisticated acoustic feedback system and a high-precision navigation system capable of automatically detecting, classifying and engaging targets. It has low lifetime costs and requires no intrusive maintenance throughout its lifetime.

Made in the United Kingdom, the Sting Ray Mod 1 torpedo was used with the US Mk.54 torpedoes. Photo: RAF.

“The use of Sting Ray and Mk54 torpedoes gives the UK Poseidon fleet flexibility and interoperability with our allies”Group Captain Richard Oselton, Senior Officer of the Poseidon Futures Program, said. “I am very happy to see the launch of Sting Ray Mod 1 integration [base aérea] RAF Lossiemouth.”

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