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Radio Difusora Acreana – Noticias do Acre

Radio Difusora Acreana – Noticias do Acre

Written by Luke Lima *

On August 25, 1944, it made its first official broadcast, becoming one of the oldest and most important radio stations in the state of Acre. From that day on, Rádio Difusora Acreana played a major role in spreading information and entertainment to the people of Acre, especially during the 1940s and 1950s, when access to communications was very limited for the people living in our state.

Throughout its history, radio has offered its listeners a wealth of personalities who have captivated several generations in love with the terrifying beauty of their majestic voices. Campos Pereira was a reference in sporting events, Jorge Cardoso presented Ritmo Rural, Franco Silva had absolute success with the program Forró Cidade Sertão, and O J. Conde Miscelânea Musical presented. Reginaldo Cordero, the famous “King of Brega”, led a musical carousel that took hundreds of people to the divosora studio, who crowded the area in front of the building and were free to speak into radio microphones. There is also the most famous one, Estevão Bimbi, with its Mundo Cão programme. And of course, I can’t forget the Queen of Radio Acre, Nilda Dantas, with her show Espaço do Povo.

These people and others who are part of the history of Devosura Akria have helped build an important legacy in shaping opinion and promoting debates on political, social and economic issues.

Oh, and before anyone says: “But that’s in the past, the publisher has stopped in time. Today we have endless options for reaching out to audiences!” I answer: Cut to 2023, and what do we have? An active and increasingly essential publisher. In recent years, radio programs have made it possible to create a fleet of wheelchairs, toilet chairs and crutches. Even weddings were sponsored by Devosura. There have been many requests from broadcasters on air that have been answered and helped improve the reality of many people.

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During the coronavirus pandemic, many students, especially in rural areas, have been able to access school content through audio classes produced in partnership with the state Department of Education.

In addition to the students, all residents living within the Amazon rainforest become aware of public procedures when they are announced on the radio and are able to mobilize to be present during social proceedings. They are campaigns of complete social interest, such as the citizen project, vaccination campaigns, civil registries, rural environmental registry, and many other public services.

And we have Correspondente Difusora, which is the popular messenger for people who live in rural areas and need to travel to the city for health care and other kinds of requests, and they use radio microphones to send news to relatives. positions. Let’s remember that for many people who live in the Amazon rainforest, there is no other form of information than radio.

Difusora Acria has, for nearly 30 years, maintained two press programmes, Jornal Difusora, from 6 am to 7 am, and Gente em Debate, from 10 am to 12 noon, Monday to Friday. These two programs are transmitted simultaneously by radio stations in the interior of the state, in the cities of Brazil, Xapuri, Sina Madureira, Vigo, Tarauacá and Cruzeiro do Sul. The engaging two-step editorial line takes listeners into the actions of state, municipal, and federal authorities, as well as realities in Acre, Brazil, and the world.

Difusora Acreana’s programming network is so rich that it delights listeners in Acre, Brazil and the world. Proof of this are the various messages that were sent to the radio from countries such as the United States, Russia, Chile, Japan and Canada. These letters are on display at the Unity Museum.

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Currently, Rádio Difusora Acreana remains an important source of information and entertainment for the residents of Acre, transmitting journalistic, music, cultural and sports programs that value the identity and cultural richness of the state. Its importance remains constant in the midst of new communication technologies, and it continues to be a tool for uniting local communities and a way to keep the history and culture of the region alive.

In 2019, at the start of Governor Gladson Camelli’s first term, Rádio Difusora Acreana was placed as a priority for investments in the urgent scream list. This is because it was diagnosed that year that radios for the public communications system were about to be discontinued due to a lack of investment in equipment. Those that were used were so old that corrective maintenance became increasingly difficult due to the difficulty in finding replacement parts.

The way AM radios work is different from FM radios. They have voiceover studios located in the headquarters, where the presenters present the programmes. The studio is connected to the unit’s transmitter, which is located in shelters far from headquarters. In the case of Difusora Acreana, the transmitters are installed in the Bairro da Sobral and they are connected through a transmission link. The transmitter still uses tube technology. These valves were no longer sold in the country, and it was very time consuming and expensive to import them. The cost of electricity remains. Consumption was very high and the “hit” on the state bill was strong.

The Difusora Acreana was the first AM radio in the public communications system to forgo the valved transmitter and get a new transistor system transmitter, with digital sound, and with easy locating spare parts in case of preventive and corrective maintenance.

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Besides the transmitter, the building that houses it has also undergone a complete renovation. The roof was completely replaced, the electrical grid was rebuilt, windows and doors were replaced, and the painting was renewed.

Radio personnel were given new laptops and desktop computers to assist in the daily work of the unit. New air conditioners have been purchased. The vocal tables, the main studio, and the recording studios were replaced and consolidated.

The radio headquarters was repainted, the electrical and logical networks received interventions, and its roof was completely replaced. There has been no shortage of our investment in the Acreana Diffuser. And the improvements don’t stop there. There is a plan designed for Difusora Acreana that has several measures in place that will put radio on a higher level. Soon we will have news!

Difusora Acreana is located on Rua do Fórum, in the center of Rio Branco, at the intersection of Rua Benjamin Constant and Rua Floriano Peixoto. If you want to get in touch with the history of Akko, visit the Unity Museum. Sit on the bench under the mango tree and talk to the staff there and feel the welcome they make to all the visitors.

Long live the radio!

Radio Divosora Acraya live!

*Luke Lima He is the coordinator of the Public Telecommunications System broadcasts in the state of Acre

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