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Quintet disappears in Corinthians last month with Vítor Pereira rotating;  see numbers

Quintet disappears in Corinthians last month with Vítor Pereira rotating; see numbers

The new scenario imposed by Vitor Pereira in Corinthians, with the rotation of players and more opportunities for youngsters, shrinking the space of the popular pentathlon formed by Paulinho, Giuliano, Renato Augusto, Roger Guedes and Willian.

Last month, the five players got together in just 58 minutes out of the 540 minutes the team played (10.7%). clear the gate My dream The six matches played in the last 30 days include: Guarani and Sao Paulo, for Paulista and Luiz Reddy, for Bolivia and Deportivo Cali, and for Colombia, Libertadores, and Botafogo and Avai for Brazil.

The five were included in all six matches, but they were on the field together only against Sao Paulo at Morumbi, for exactly 58 minutes. In other matches, the quintet didn’t run simultaneously at any point. – See below the scenario for each individual game.

To give you an idea, by way of comparison, the quintet played together in all five matches with Fernando Lazaro. There were 222 minutes together on the field in a possible 450. This represents at least 49.3% of the time with the transition period.

It can be expected that the scenario will not change so quickly. Against Portuguesa, of Rio de Janeiro, on Wednesday, for the Copa Brasil, some may not even travel to Londrina, in Paraná. Against Palmeiras and Boca Juniors, the trend is to repeat the mix between juniors and seniors, leaving little chance for pentathlon to play together.

Quintito has only been on the field for 58 minutes out of the 540 minutes Corinthians played last month.

  • Guarani – 0 min (Giuliano started off the bench; Willian left after 62 minutes, Guedes left after 74 minutes and Giuliano entered after 74 minutes);
  • Sao Paulo – 58 minutes (It all started as a rookie; Willian and Paulinho left in 58 minutes and Giuliano left in 79 minutes);
  • Always ready – 0 min (Paulinho, Renato and Willian started; Geddes came in the first half, Giuliano came in 66, but Paulinho left with him);
  • Botafogo – 0 min (Renato Augusto did not leave the bench);
  • Deportivo Cali – 0 min (Geddes and Giuliano started on the bench; when Geddes and Giuliano entered, in the 70th minute, Paulinho left);
  • Avaí – 0 min (Giuliano and Renato started off the bench; Renato left in the first half to bring in Giuliano.)
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