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Putin’s arm slightly “torn” after vaccination

In Russia, the population may develop immunity by the end of the summer.

In Russia, the population may develop immunity by the end of the summer, which requires seventy percent of adults to be vaccinated, Rojija1 said on television, citing experts. Vladimir Putin, Who said it was necessary to bring the country back to normalcy of life.

The Russian president received the first injection on Wednesday, but it is not known which of the three Russian vaccines he received, he did not tell other members of the Russian leadership, only his doctor knew, the MDI reported.

Putin reiterated that he did not vaccinate in front of the cameras like the leaders of other countries because he did not want to be a monkey, and he did not think it would be necessary to follow their example.

He noted that it was not difficult to create false records of the process, and that the properties of the three vaccines were “identical”.

Five hours later the politician talked about not being moved by the vaccinated joint pain, but rather by an uncomfortable feeling. At bedtime, he developed a thermometer for his nightstand, and in the morning he measured the fever, but it did not rise. His hand, as he said, was a little torn. The injection site, when pressed, is slightly sensitive, but it has all the side effects. Putin admitted that he had not played for three days after receiving the injection.

The number of confirmed new infections rose 9,088 to 4,519,832 last day, according to official data released on Sunday. The reproduction rate is 1.01, the daily increase is 0.2 percent, and 12.8 percent of new cases are asymptomatic. The number of active infections fell to 284,681, the number of deaths increased by 336 to 97,740 and the number of survivors increased by 9,088 to 4,139,128. The unfinished mortality rate is 2.16 percent.

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In Russia, more than 119.5 million laboratory tests have been performed since the outbreak, with about 341,000 last day. There are 482,192 people under medical surveillance on suspicion of a new corona virus infection.