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Public Health Competition in Maracaju: 65 vacancies with salaries ranging from R$ 2,100 to R$ 11,000!

Public Health Competition in Maracaju: 65 vacancies with salaries ranging from R$ 2,100 to R$ 11,000!

If you are looking for a new job opportunity in the public sector, pay attention: Maracaju City Hall, located in the vibrant state of Mato Grosso do Sul, is accepting applications for a public competition for the health sector. With 65 places available plus the possibility of reserve registration, it is an unmissable opportunity for professionals From all educational levels.

Interested parties have until July 8 to register, and can do so through the website of FAPEC, the event organizer. Participation costs range between R$ 80.00 and R$ 120.00, depending on the role requested. As for salaries, they are equally attractive, ranging from R$2,118.25 and R$11,347.69, respectively, for workloads ranging from 20 to 40 hours per week.

How to register for the Maracaju Saúde competition?

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To register for the Maracaju Saúde competition, candidates must access the official website of FAPEC within the specified deadline. It is necessary to pay attention to the dates: registrations are open until July 8, 2024, and registration fees can be paid until July 9. The objective test which was scheduled on July 4 has been postponed to August 4, 2024, hence there is enough time to prepare well.

What vacancies are available?

Maracaju City Hall Competition provides opportunities for different levels of education:

  • Basic level: Health Attendant, Caregiver Assistant and Driver III – Bus/Ambulance.
  • Intermediate/Technical level: Dental assistant, pharmacy assistant, social care provider, nursing technician, among others.
  • Level up: Clinical analyst, social worker, dental surgeon, nurse, pharmacist and more.
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Details about the stages of the competition

Selection for positions will take place in two main stages:

  • Objective test: All candidates will undergo an objective test of an exclusionary and categorical nature, with questions on the Portuguese language, mathematics, specific knowledge and municipal legislation.
  • Titles test: For higher-level candidates, a qualifications test will also be conducted, which aims to evaluate training and accumulated professional experience.

Prepare for the competition

If you want to participate in this competition, it is important that you start preparing for it as soon as possible. Consider purchasing specific materials, such as handouts and online courses, that can help you reinforce the knowledge needed to succeed on tests. Remember, understanding the notice and programmatic content well is essential to good performance.

Where to find more information?

For all detailed information about the Maracaju Saúde competition, including the full schedule, job description and more, see the notice available on the FAPEC page. There you will also find answers to frequently asked questions and you can contact the organizing committee directly for further clarification.

Don’t miss this opportunity to develop your career in the public health sector in Maracaju. good luck!