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Procrastination is harmful and can contribute to depression.

Procrastination is harmful and can contribute to depression.

Behaviors such as postponing tasks, decisions, and even house cleaning, if done frequently, can indicate the habit of wanting to leave everything for later. Procrastination is bad for health Mental illness can contribute to the development of conditions such as depression or even worsen symptoms of anxiety.

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Some people, of course, will be more susceptible than others. Keep reading and see how addiction to procrastination is detrimental to mental and emotional health.

Understand the mechanism of procrastination

The demands of modern life are endless: work, personal care, relationships, studies and a series of activities that we engage in every day.

Therefore, it is common to leave one task or another for later, even when it seems frustrating or already promises that it will require too much of us. However, the practice of repeatedly postponing activities and commitments, with the habit of leaving them until the last minute or even missing certain deadlines, takes a huge personal toll.

This idea of ​​procrastination can become a mental health problem, as it harms not only people but also those with whom they live, from bosses to partners.

In addition, if the “procrastinating for tomorrow” routine is accompanied by feelings of guilt, frustration, regret, and even the impression of not being able to handle all the tasks that are already overdue, it is important to remain vigilant. These are clear signs of a possible depressive episode.

Medical and psychological evaluation is necessary in these cases.

A mental health professional, psychologist, or psychiatrist is responsible for evaluating the individual and understanding if a potential case of depression has been established. If not, is there a risk of depression? He will diagnose and act so that the disease does not get worse. A professional can also understand that this is behavior derived from areas of a person’s life that are not progressing ideally, such as the possibility of a breakup.

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People with ADHD are more likely to postpone tasks, mainly due to a loss of focus and an inability to focus. For this reason, it is very important to seek the help of health professionals to analyze the condition and start the appropriate treatment that will be aimed at combating procrastination and the symptoms that appear.