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Problems with weak GPS?  The new Google Maps feature is the perfect solution

Problems with weak GPS? The new Google Maps feature is the perfect solution

For those who use Google Maps On Android, something new is coming out of the oven! The app has launched a feature that uses Bluetooth technology to aid navigation, especially when the GPS signal is unavailable or weak.

How does bluetooth work on maps

What this new feature does is use sensors Bluetooth, called “beacons”. These small devices provide power and send stable signals to your cell phone. When your phone picks up these signals, they help improve location on maps, especially in places where GPS doesn't reach well, like tunnels.

The usefulness of sensors in tunnels

Imagine you are driving through a tunnel and suddenly your GPS stops working. Even if the tunnel only has one direction, it can confuse the navigation system. This is where Bluetooth sensors come in, ensuring you know exactly where you are.

Waze: The inspiration for Google Maps

If you think you've seen something similar, you're right! Google, which also owns Waze, took the idea for these sensors from Waze itself. In fact, Waze already uses these “beacons” in several tunnels around the world, including in Rio de Janeiro.

Free to use, requires no additional installations

The great thing is that using Bluetooth sensors on Google Maps costs nothing and does not even require any additional installation on your cell phone. However, at the moment, this function is not automatically activated on Android. To turn it on, you have to go to the navigation settings in the app and activate the “Bluetooth sensors in tunnels” option.

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Gradual rollout for Android users

The update with this new feature has already started arriving for those using tablets and mobile phones Android. However, it is being released little by little. Therefore, some users may take a little longer to receive this functionality.