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Police listen to suspects and advance investigations into the attack on a bus in Fortaleza, Recife |  North East Cup

Police listen to suspects and advance investigations into the attack on a bus in Fortaleza, Recife | North East Cup

More than 15 witnesses had been interviewed as of Tuesday afternoon, as scheduled by the court ge.

The witnesses were interviewed at the Police Station for the Suppression of Sports Intolerance, in the Ouro Preto neighborhood, in Olinda. In light of the secrecy of the investigations, even access to space is restricted.

The Police Station for the Suppression of Sports Intolerance received witnesses – Photo: Daniel Leal/G

In silence, and without giving interviews or providing any details about the ongoing investigations, the Pernambuco police continue to conduct investigations, in addition to questioning witnesses and suspects.

Police already have photos of the suspects and have expressed confidence internally in making arrests.

In parallel, in an action promoted in partnership with the Pernambuco Football Federation (FPF), this afternoon, the hotline offered R$1,000 for information leading to arrests.

  • People can submit reports, anonymously, by calling (81) 3719-4545 and via WhatsApp (81) 98256-4545.

Fortaleza players talk about the attack they suffered after the match against Sport

Through a call from the Social Defense Secretariat of Pernambuco (SDS-PE), Secretary of the Ministry Alessandro Carvalho spoke about the ongoing investigations and the need to keep everything secret.

“We are committed to providing the community with an answer and will do so when the investigation is complete, within the time necessary to be technically perfect and allow for a complaint and subsequent conviction, but we cannot carry out investigations step by step.” “A step because this puts the business at risk.”

Six tricolor athletes were injured and needed to be taken to hospital in Recife. Among the most serious cases were that of goalkeeper Joao Ricardo, who needed six stitches in his head, and left-back Escobar, who suffered a brain injury.

Escobar, descending from Fortaleza – Photograph: Thiago Gadelha/SVM

The others involved in the attack by Sport Organisers, defender Tite, right back Emmanuel Pretz, midfielder Lucas Sacha and left back Dudu, suffered minor injuries.

The construction site on BR-232, near Atacadao dos Printes, in the Corrado neighbourhood, could have been a “use target” for the violent attack against the Fortaleza delegation (see video below).

A nearby construction site may have facilitated the attack on the Fortaleza bus; look at the pictures

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