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Plan to end the withdrawal anniversary may conflict

Plan to end the withdrawal anniversary may conflict

After saying that You will end the anniversary of the withdrawal of the Payments Stop Fund (FGTS)Labor Secretary Luis Marinho (PT) made his biggest retraction yet. In an interview, the bag chair admitted that a decision on the subject depended not only on him, or the Board of Trustees, but also on the approval of the National Congress.

The FGTS birthday draw is a way to withdraw money from the guarantee fund. The worker who chooses this system acquires the right to withdraw the balance every year in the month of his birth or in the following two months. It is estimated that more than 39 million Brazilians use this system.

Since taking office, the Minister of Labor has said he will end this option because he considers it unfair to workers. He recalls, for example, that a citizen who opts for the anniversary withdrawal no longer has the right to use the credit in the event of dismissal without just cause, and must still wait two years until he can return to the termination-withdrawal.

It is precisely these rules that can be made The new government Undo the decision to end the memory looting. After all, to change any of these rules, it would be necessary to count on the support of the National Congress. In a recent interview, the Speaker of the House, Arthur Lira (PP), said that Lula’s government still lacked a majority to approve even the most basic of projects.

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In any case, the Minister of Labor says that even if the final decision is upheld by the National Congress, he will continue to discuss changes to the withdrawal anniversary issuance system. One of the most important points is to use the balance as payroll collateral.

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“It’s an aberration, an abuse of economic power that was done by the banks and guaranteed by law in the previous government. We’re going to have to change that, but I’m counting on Congress to make that change,” said Louise Marinho.

The next meeting of the Severance Compensation Fund Board of Trustees must take place on March 21. However, the expectation now is that not much change will come from this meeting, because a large part of the changes on the anniversary of withdrawal really depend on the National Congress.

Proposed amendment to the annual withdrawal

Marinho was avoiding setting a date for starting discussions on this topic. According to him, the next step for the ministry is to talk with the members of the Planalto Palace, and even with President Lula (Workers’ Party) about it.

Only after this motion can the Minister send a Provisional Measure (MP) with a proposal to change the anniversary system to withdraw the Longevity Guarantee Fund. With the document in hand, parliamentarians can debate the issue.

The Minister of Labor concludes that it will be necessary to count on the support of the National Congress after an analysis by the Attorney General’s Office (AGU) team. The commission concluded that the portfolio could not make this decision on its own, and that it would need to approve the document with the proposed changes in both the Federal Senate and the House of Representatives.