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Pix saque and Pix troco start today and are alternatives to ATMs. See how they work

How will the Pixa Saque and Pix Troca work:

How will Pix Saque work?

Upon reaching the checkout store, the customer will make a Pix for the facility. The attendant will then take the same amount of Pix cash from the cashier and give it to the customer.

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And the Pix Troca?

The transaction is very similar, but here the customer makes a purchase and withdraws in the same transaction.

Example: When paying for a product with a value of R$100, he makes a pecs with a higher value of R$150 and withdraws the difference (R$50) in cash. This will avoid a trip to the bank to withdraw R$50 from an ATM.

In another example, if he buys a product worth R$20, he makes a pixel worth R$30 and receives a $10 bill.

Will it have a cost?

Currently, individuals and individual entrepreneurs – including individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs) – are entitled to free the first four draws of the month in the package of services offered by their banks.

With Pix Saque, there will be eight free withdrawals, including the four already planned. In other words, each person is entitled to eight free withdrawals per month, via Pix or traditionally, at an ATM.

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After this eighth transaction, the bank may charge the customer a fee. However, the fees for withdrawals via Pix cannot be higher than those charged by the bank for traditional withdrawals.

Fees can be collected from legal entities such as businesses from the first transaction of the month, at the discretion of the bank.

Is there a withdrawal limit?

BC has established a limit of R$500 for the day and R$100 from 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Trades may offer lower limits if they see fit.

Where will it be available?

Any business that offers Pix as a payment option may offer Pix Saque or Pix Troca.

Options should also be available at ATMs. Anyone with an account in Bank A can withdraw from an ATM in Bank B via Pix. This withdrawal is one of eight free monthly withdrawals.

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Is it necessary for every place that offers Pix as a payment option to have Pix Saque?

No, each institution will decide whether to provide the service or not.

Can a trade offer withdrawal only or just change?

Yes, the facility may submit only one bid or the other.

Does the trade receive something to provide the service?

The central bank hopes that the companies that provide the service will have an increase in the flow of customers and reduce their expenses with the movement of money, for example, with the rental of safes.

In addition, everyone who provides the service will receive a bonus that can range from R$ 0.25 to R$ 0.95 depending on the contract concluded with the partner financial institution.

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How can the store owner introduce this method?

He can search for the financial institution that serves him and request to join. According to BC, the contractual amendment is enough to deliver the Pix Saque and Pix Troco.

The merchant will also be able to decide how the service will be provided, at what time it will be available and which banknotes can be withdrawn at his institution.

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