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PIS / Pasep 2022 calendar and double payment

PIS / Pasep 2022 calendar and double payment

The PIS/Pasep salary bonus will be paid to the workers at the beginning of the year, however, some points are still open to the workers, such as the payment schedule as well as the possibility for workers to receive a minimum wage in the next year.

PIS / Pasep 2022 . calendar

According to Resolution No. 896 of the Codefat Advisory Board, the Board responsible for managing the FAT (Workers Support Fund) that has funds to pay unemployment insurance and salary bonuses, and the payment of the benefit will be paid between January and December 2022.

The new payment schedule will be determined by the Board based on data provided by employers to the RAIS (Annual Social Information Report) submitted in October.

Thus, based on RAIS data, Codefat will publish a new payment calendar for January, in which payments will now be made to all workers between January and December.

Thus, any worker who is entitled to it, i.e. who has worked for at least 30 days in the base year, who has been registered in PIS/Pasep for at least five years and whose employer has sent RAIS data will receive in the same year between January and December.

Therefore, although the calendar has not yet been released, it is expected that payments will be released according to the month of birth, those born in January will receive in January, those born in February will receive in February and so on.

double payment

One of the most noteworthy points for workers is the possibility of double payment of benefits, after all, the 2020 salary bonus that was supposed to be issued this year has been postponed to 2022, the year in which the government has to pay the amount of PIS. / BASIP for workers who worked this year.

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Thus, in 2022, many workers who were eligible for the salary bonus for 2020 and 2021 will be able to receive both bonuses in the next year and thus will be able to receive two salaries simultaneously.

However, despite this rule that workers can receive double, it will be necessary to wait for the decision of the government and Codefat, to ensure that the benefit will be paid twice and on the same payment schedule.