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Pezzulano reveals his offers but wants to stay at Cruzeiro until the end of the year

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Paolo Pezulano confirmed that he has received proposals, but hopes to complete work on Cruzeiro

One of the coaches in the spotlight at the moment in Brazilian football, Paulo Pezulano, of Cruzeiro, confirmed on Friday (20), during the launch of the white uniform, that he had already received invitations from other clubs.

The 39-year-old Uruguayan answered questions from Cruzeiro members at a steakhouse in Belo Horizonte and made no secret of receiving calls. The coach has stated that he has passed the matter on to a friend who represents him, but the focus is on returning Raposa to the First Division in 2023.

“I see everything with great joy when I call one club or another and it happened, but I’m closed for the next match, I don’t know how to talk about anything else. Send it to a friend who helps me with these (proposals), that’s it and I forget about it. And my friend knows that it’s not It’s easy to convince me of a project (for a club), which is why I’m here in Cruzeiro.”

He added, “You know I’m not for money in Cruzeiro. Today, I am because I think my business can work in Cruzeiro. And to develop as a coach, I need my business to work.”

Is it until the end of the year? Pezzolano thinks so

Paolo Pezzolano contracted with Cruzeiro until December. As far as the football administration’s interest is in keeping him for a longer period, he said the trend would continue at the club until the end of the second division.

“It’s a tough question, actually. To be honest and I like to be honest, I’m not going to hide anything. I have a family too, I have three kids. I can’t play with my children’s future. But my dream is for it to come to an end. The dream here is to be in first class without the slightest bit. Doubt. Sometimes things cross your path that, as much as you don’t want to, you have a family behind you and you have to realize what you are doing. And knowing that football is moments. There are good times, there are hard times. And a fan knows that in hard times, sometimes not It can be overcome. But I think everything will work out and I think we will stay until the end of the year, because I came with a goal too. And my goal has reached the clear goal, I’m working with Cruzeiro and my goal is clear to go with Cruzeiro. I think it will work and I will go until the end of the year.”

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Offensive football institutional project

While chatting with fans, Pezzolano heard a lot of praise for the aggressive way Cruzeiro is playing. The coach was flattered, but emphasized the support provided by Ronaldo, SAF’s senior partner and project mentor to put the club’s football first.

“It is true that sometimes other teams show interest (in me) in something, but I am a new coach and I strive for a lot. Because it is not easy to train other teams, it is not easy to train in another country. Lucky that you have Ronaldo’s group, who has a playing streak, And a model to play, and you (the fans) can rest easy.Imagine that the departure of Pezulano because it did not go well, which is normal, the coach can win, and he can lose.Okay, but you have to be calm because the game model and the lineup will remain.So , as I said (presence of fans), you are calm because Cruzeiro is playing forward. The model of the game that Ronaldo wants today on Cruzeiro will go down in Cruzeiro’s history.

Boss is always on the roller coaster

On another point, Paolo Pezulano once again emphasized that the life of the football coach is very unstable due to the vicissitudes of the team. There are moments of popularity and rejection. In Cruzeiro, he sees himself on a very positive stage and hopes to have the opportunity to fulfill the task of taking over the First Division club.

“Today, the numbers are good, but so far. If you relax and if the team relaxes, the numbers get bad. We have to know we still haven’t achieved anything. That affection that you show is everything, but I know we really need to win the next game. And we We need to win all of them. I am happy that we are getting results,” he said.

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