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Pedro and Dorival take 11th place at the Flamengo show;  See reviews

Pedro and Dorival take 11th place at the Flamengo show; See reviews

Flamengo put a foot and a half in another tournament final Editors. This Wednesday (31), in Argentina, Robro Negro ran over Velez Sarsfield and Scored 4-0 in the first match of the semi-finals. Pedro, with three goals, was the name of the defeat. Everton Ribeiro also left his team, and Gabigol He shined with assists, but lost many goals again. The two teams will face each other again next Wednesday (7), in the Maracana, where the FLA team can lose by up to three goals to reach the decision.

in live flamingosent by UOL Esporte After the Mingao Games, journalists Renato Mauricio Prado and Andre Rocha praised the “class of football“from Dorival Júnior’s men far from home. Just like Pedro, who is enchanted by the ‘trio’ and He isolated himself as the Libertadores top scorerthe coach exceeded perfection and received the “Note 11”.

“Congratulations, Dorival, you succeeded in making the widows of Jorge Jesus not miss you,” he praised the disaster management plan. Rocha already filled Pedro’s ball. “He’s impressive, he just needed confidence and minutes on the field. Now he’s the big difference from Flamengo, he’s the best striker in Brazilian football,” he said.

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RMP: The balls gone, catch them, and show essential safety for a team that wants to be champions – grade 10.

Stone: grade 10.


RMP: He played a barbarian, he even gave a pen – Grade 9.5.

Rocha: “Rodelindo” gave a pen and it was still important as the escape valve on the right, was the “avión” – grade 10.

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David Louis

RMP: I played a lot, but still owed him a goal, just for that – Grade 9.5.

Rocha: One of the best players on the field, he was an absolute, he put everyone in his pocket, and he won them all – grade 10.

Leo Pereira

RMP: grade 10.

Rocha: Left, he also put all the attackers in his pocket, he even gave a pass to the first goal – grade 10.

Philip Louis

Rump: He missed a goal without a goalkeeper on the right leg, otherwise it would have been amazing – Grade 9.5.

Rocha: Hitting his ankle in this move, Pedro’s pass surprised him, other than perfect performance – Note 9.

Thiago Maya

RMP: There were two moves in which I would get half a point from each, other than that, playing a game – Note 9.

Rocha: Very good too, he missed Velez’s only surrender in the first half, but he played a lot – Note 9.


RMP: income well – Note 9.

Rocha: Spread, pass, take care of the environment after entering, luxurious show – Note 9.

Joao Gomez

RMP: João Gomes, you are exceptional – grade 10.

Rocha: With today’s performance, in the semi-finals of the Libertadores, the Real Madrid He’ll come and pay the fine, he’s got ridiculous potential, he’s left – grade 10.

Everton Ribeiro

Rump: He played well again, scored the first goal and participated in almost all the team’s plays – Note 9.

Rocha: The beginning was not good, because he needs to find his space in the game, but when he found it, he broke up – Note 9.

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RMP: I played a lot, only missed a goal or assist – Note 9.

Rocha: He made small mistakes in passing, but left the easy mark, found space on the right side, participated in goals, great performance – Grade 9.5.


Rump: He lost three goals, but played a lot, provided assists – Note 9.

Rocha: He played well, but he can’t miss the goals he loses, there will come a time when this round won’t be, he has to show, today he played well but he didn’t score – Grade 8.5.


RMP: What a performance Pedro, oh my God in heaven – grade 100.

Rocha: He’s impressive, he just needed confidence and minutes on the pitch, today is the big difference from Flamengo, he ruined the match and with the players’ defense, so much so that he started to be defeated at the end because he was humiliated, he’s the best Brazilian football striker Note 11.

Dorival Junior

RMP: Congratulations, Dorival, you managed to make Jesus’ widows not miss you – grade 10.

Stone: Note 11.

Next version of live flamingo Sunday (4), immediately after the match against Ceará, will be in Brazil’s favour. You can follow the live broadcast on the channel UOLIn the Application score board UOLin Flamengo’s page on UOL Esporte or not UOL Esporte YouTube Channel.