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Paulo Andre blows up Douglas Silva’s strategy with the comrades

During the last dawn From “BBB 22″ (TV Globo), at Leader Lucas’ Party, Paulo Andre Douglas Silva ended up leading a discussion after commenting on trying to form an alliance with the “Comrades”, The name given by fans to the trio consisting of Lin da Quebrada, Giseilan and Natalia.

The conversation began with Douglas noting that the athlete and surfer were staying away from him.The brothers differed. The conversation continued and Jade Bacon To comment on some points.

The influencer explained that there is a conflict of interest between her and Paolo Andre, with whom she has an affair at home, but they still respect each other:

“He wants Arthur here and I don’t. But I respect that. If he barricaded Arthur, I wouldn’t put Arthur in…”, Jade said, citing the formation of the Fourth Wall. “Yes. And at that moment that was a simple question,” Douglas explained.

Scooby then replied, “That was just a conversation, and that there would be that possibility, if they had two. If it was only one, it would be yours,” said the surfer, who shared the angel with Paulo Andre that week—the Douglas duo were immunized.

“It wasn’t, brother. We had a strategy at the top to defend the room…”, the actor continued, and Paolo Andre filmed:

But the strategy was wrong, DJ! We didn’t have the girls’ voices, we didn’t have the voices of Lena and Jesse and Nat, bro. We didn’t have those sounds, DG! The strategy went down the drain the moment we found out we didn’t have the three votes, five votes would be eliminated. Paulo Andre

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“We weren’t sure, man,” said Douglas, and the athlete followed him:

How not to be sure? We tried calling the girls for three weeks and they didn’t come and they still voted for me! You’ve been voting for me for three weeks, DG! They put me on the wall now, brother. How will this strategy work? Paulo Andre

“This has never happened. I’ll tell you, brother, stop. Again, just like stopping to vote for Laís…Brother, I’ll say it again, you seem to think only of you, brother. Caral**”, Scooby concluded, in agreement with Paolo Andre.

What is your favorite “BBB 22” friendship?

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