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Partnership with the United Kingdom to implement bilingual education in schools in Salvador

Partnership with the United Kingdom to implement bilingual education in schools in Salvador

The agreement signed between the Municipality of Salvador and the Department of Commerce of Great Britain and Northern Ireland establishes a partnership to translate municipal public education into bilingual and exchange experiences in the fields of science / health, infrastructure, finance and social promotion. And sustainability measures. The memorandum was signed today, Monday (7th) and will give priority to the education sector.

An office was established in the town hall to deal with international affairs, especially relations with the British. Martin Richard Wally, director of the United Kingdom’s Department of Commerce, said he had conducted a study of Brazilian cities to form partnerships, develop common plans with the country and that Salvador was one of the chosen ones.

“Two years ago we had a process to find out which cities in the UK had opportunities. We identified three cities, Salvador, Belem (PA) and Curie Djibouti (PR). They were selected for many such factors, ”he said.

Whalley (with deputy mayor) defends the teaching of English in schools (Photo: Valter Pontes / Secom)

Bilingual education is one of the flagships in the agreement signed this Monday. The UK representative said that teaching English in schools was in the interest of the country and could help implement Salvador. According to Mayor Bruno Reyes (DEM), in practice, the memorandum paves the way for projects to come off the ground and come into operation.

“The Office aims to seek partnerships in many cities around the world that can contribute to the growth of our city, and to develop partnerships in diverse areas such as exchanges of knowledge, expertise and technology or to strengthen the economy, in addition to seeking resources in very diverse international organizations. This office has this role and this new With the change it has become more invested with powers and characteristics, ”he said.

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The exchange between Salvador and Britain is nothing new. For example, those who donated R $ 1.3 million used by the municipality to purchase BRT electric buses and to study technology and new, less polluting modes of transport. Bruno discussed measures to establish a partnership with the European country.

The mayor displays the agreement he signed with the British (Photo: Valter Pontes / Secom)

The proposal to provide bilingual education in government schools will be one of the priorities of the new office. Deputy Mayor and Secretary of State Ana Paula Matos (PDT) said the project was already under development.

“We are defining two projects with the United Kingdom and Uruguay to promote bilingual education. They are going to bring this technology to all of us, which is very important because when we talk about smart cities, we are not just talking about accessing the best hardware or software, we are talking about equal opportunities. Smaller countries like Uruguay are technology exporters because they started providing computers in schools and bilingual education 15 years ago, ”he said.

In addition to this project, there are some studies with the United Kingdom in the area of ​​environmental development and basic hygiene. The project will lead to partnerships in the areas of health, education, infrastructure and trade. For life sciences and health, the agreement brings proposals for innovation in the fields of digital health (health tech) development and diagnosis and genetic analysis.

In infrastructure, this is the method of Building Information Modeling (BIM), which focuses on the transfer of technologies for smart cities and good practices for public procurement. The cooperation aims to follow the “ESG” approach to joint ventures in the economic, investment and open banking and fintex sectors.

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The office, which was created this Monday, is an evolution of international relations consulting working in the State Secretariat. Managers said that using the existing structure in the building and the servers already working in the folder did not cost the public treasures and the staff had been relocated.