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The United States says it will protect every inch of NATO

The United States says it will protect every inch of NATO

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken today reaffirmed NATO’s commitment to safeguarding “every centimeter” of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

“We will defend every inch of NATO in the event of an attack. Let no one doubt our readiness,” Blinken told a news conference in Lithuania during an official visit to Russia’s neighborhood and aired simultaneously by CNN with translation. Brazil.

According to Blinken, allies – NATO members – were “allowed to use defensive equipment” to prevent a possible Russian offensive, and the “eastern side” – the eastern border of the camp closest to Russia – was fortified with more troops and weapons. .

Commenting directly on the conflict in Ukraine, which began after Russia decided to invade the country on the grounds that Russia was carrying out “special military action,” Blinkan acknowledged Eurasian military strength compared to Ukrainian forces.

“Russia has enormous and commensurate strength compared to Ukraine.

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