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OpenAI teases new video creation tool

OpenAI teases new video creation tool

a openeye, Well-known technology giant ChatGPTOn Thursday, the 15th of this month, I announced a new tool: Soraartificial intelligence is capable of creating highly realistic videos up to one minute long through text commands.

This launch promises to revolutionize the world of audiovisual production, offering the possibility of simulating the moving physical world with amazing accuracy.

Sora joins already well-known OpenAI tools, ChatGPT and DALL-E, expanding the company's portfolio of generative technologies. Sora is currently only available to a select group of testers, and OpenAI is already collaborating with artists and filmmakers to improve the tool, making its use even more beneficial to the creative sector.

Sora's abilities and limitations

Sora excels at creating complex videos that include multiple characters, specific movements, and fine details of both the main scene and the background.

The tool is designed to understand text commands in context, generating results that not only match the request, but also match the way items exist in the real world.

Security concerns and measures

Amid the growing controversy surrounding deepfakes and the potential for misuse of AI, OpenAI is taking proactive steps to mitigate the risks associated with Sora.

The company is collaborating with experts in the field of misinformation, hate content and bias to test the tool. Additionally, the company is developing tools to help detect abuse of AI-generated content, including implementing C2PA metadata codes in videos.

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