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Only 10% of people can solve the puzzle

Only 10% of people can solve the puzzle

The optical illusion test image doesn’t seem to be hiding any secrets, but that’s just a bug. You will have to find the knight who is withdrawn but does not appear to anyone who looks careless.

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It takes attention and even creative thinking to be able to win the optical illusion challenge presented at this time. In this way, focus your attention on what is essential and try to work around your limitations. Before you start, know that only 10% of people can solve this problem.

What is an optical illusion?

In practice, an optical illusion is a mystery hidden in an image. Something that appears to be there, but is not. It will be a way to explore defects in the brain that prevent seeing reality and cause delusions.

There are famous examples, such as an optical illusion that has several white dots criss-crossed by straight lines, but which appear to flicker. The way our brain interprets the world is not always as reliable as it seems.

Photo: American Puzzle Cards

In today’s challenge, the illustration has been developed in a purposeful way to produce the expected effect. With that said, we’re talking about an optical illusion that was created to be that way.

Where is the knight in the picture?

The aim of the optical illusion test is to find a hidden human figure in the drawing. At first glance, there seems to be nothing new or different but a saddled, galloping horse.

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However, you only need to take a closer look at the animal’s feet and you will see that there is something different in front. A human face is drawn in profile behind the more advanced hind leg.

Look carefully and you will be able to solve this optical illusion challenge. Once you find your rider, pass the test on to others, such as friends and family. See if any of them can be faster than you when it comes to finding the human being.