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Olivia Rodrigo distributes birth control pills at a concert in the United States

Olivia Rodrigo distributes birth control pills at a concert in the United States

Olivia's action was part of her initiative

Olivia Rodrigo – Credits: Reproduction/Instagram

In your presentation in Saint Louiswe wethe singer Olivia Rodrigo He made the morning-after pill available to his fans. This action came within his initiative.”Box 4 is good“The pills were distributed in the stadium, where a presentation was made inside.”several“, I also contain condoms and posters with information about access to abortion care.

These products are made available in partnership with Right By You, a local organization that facilitates youth access to reproductive care. Missouri Abortion Fund (reproductive rights organization Missouri, the state in which St. Louis is located) also participated in the event. They shared a video on social media, showing the schedule where the products were about to be distributed.

On Tuesday (12), Olivia announced on her networks that part of the profits collected from the show will be directed to organizations. Announced on Wednesday (13) a portion of ticket sales for its show in Omaha, Nebraska (which happened on the same day) will go to the Nebraska Abortion Resource and the Iowa Abortion Access Fund as part of their initiative.

Olivia prioritized sponsorship of reproductive resource organizations during her tour, which is done through her 4 Good Measure Fund. The organization declares itself as “A global initiative committed to building an equitable and just future for all women, girls and people seeking reproductive health freedom“.

In September last year, Fund 4 Good and Olivia announced in an official statement that a portion of the profits from tour ticket sales “Storm“It will be allocated to the organization and its business.

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Olivia's position in the historic decision

In 2022, the singer was performing at a music festival in Englandnamed Glastonbury, on the weekend that the US Supreme Court made a landmark decision on women's reproductive rights. The court ruled in June of that year that there would be no federal constitutional right to abortion, imposing restrictions in states such as Missouri and Nebraska.

Olivia told the festival audience:I am devastated and afraid that many women and girls will die because of this“This was the largest decision the Supreme Court had made in decades and had the potential to change the reproductive health situation for women in the United States.

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