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Older iPhones and iPads are updated; See what changes | cell

According to the company, iOS 12.5.4 fixes vulnerabilities that can affect vulnerable devices. The security update was a way to continue supporting older smartphones and tablets since they don’t have access to the latest systems.

The vulnerability in Apple devices is related to browser settings. In other words, it contains open code that can lead to the appearance of content on the Internet with malicious mechanisms. In this sense, formatting before the update creates an opportunity for hackers to be able to execute commands due to this vulnerability.

The update may be provided to users by notification. But for those who want to check availability directly in the settings, just follow the path “Modifications” → “General” → “Software Update”. If the update is available, it will appear in this pane, with the “Install Now” option. Remember that you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network to perform the operation.

In a note, Apple clarified that “Apple is aware of a report that this issue has been actively exploited” and that the update seeks to fix the bug. Another statement from the manufacturer emphasizes the need to install updates as a way to keep devices safe and secure.

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