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Oh oh oh oh… 2024 for Botafogo has already dawned my dear… and confidence in the project must continue

Oh oh oh oh… 2024 for Botafogo has already dawned my dear… and confidence in the project must continue

2023 season Botafogo It's been up and down. It took fans into ecstasy and caused injuries. Healing will take some time, that's normal, it was profound. Two months after the defeat in the Brazilian League, there are those who are once again at least interested in news of Glorioso, monitoring the club's movements during the year that has just arrived.

I'm dreaming of 2023 and it's been really good. But we must return to reality and trust in the project that was talked about so much in the beginning Sudanese armed forces. After all, this is still literally the beginning, and 2024 will only be the management's third season John Textor. In the first year he finished 11th in Brazilian Championship And walk around South American Cup. “In second, fifth and center in the call”Pre-Libertadores“. This development occurs with a title Second division league As a starting point.

Even though the Brazilian title was out of our hands in this way, there was great sporting progress. Botafogo was talked about again, gained space in the media and lived for six months as national football champion after many years. This tournament came early, before what the Board of Directors planned. It is worth noting that the initial idea was to dream of a “big title” from 2025 onwards. Brazil CupWhy not?

However, to pave this path to glory a year from now, it is necessary to strengthen the current team, which has featured incredible popcorn. Reinforcing it with great players with a winning mentality. Fewer bets, more prepared players. We will see what the board's position will be until March 7, when the first transfer window closes. The first big decision happens before that, in the duels against Aurora (BOL) or Melgar (PER) On February 21 and 28. It is necessary to be ready for such a challenge and not be afraid as was the case with Sergepe at the same time, in 2023.

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Will Botafogo be ready? We hope so and we wait daily for the announcement of new faces. Analyzing coldly, many problems have already been solved, especially financial problems. A lot of things are already on track. Will we be? Yes, but you still have to trust the project. Glorioso will get there. I can believe it. Amen? 🙏🏽🔥