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Official portal of Campos dos Goytacazes City Hall

Official portal of Campos dos Goytacazes City Hall

This week, Education Hour presented the three school units of the Municipal Education Network that were awarded at the Science, Technology and Innovation Fair of the State of Rio de Janeiro (XVII Fecti), which is considered the largest science fair in the state and includes projects from different segments and regions. One of them, the Claudia Almeida Pinto de Oliveira Municipal School, in Farol de São Tomé, has been nominated for the National Youth Science Fair, in Pernambuco. This is the first time that a municipal school in Campos has achieved this success. The program is presented by the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Marcelo Ferris, and can be viewed (here).

The municipality won first place in Fecti in the two categories of primary education – Years 6 and 7 and Years 8 and 9; He also ranked fourth in the sixth and seventh year categories. Claudia Almeida Pinto de Oliveira, from Farol, took first place in Years 6 and 7, with the topic “Water Treatment Coagulant from the Pilosocereus arrabidae Cactus.” Dr. Luiz Sobral, from Jardim Carioca, took first place – in Years 8 and 9, with the theme “Cotoco arte, art in the service of sustainability”. EM Nossa Senhora Aparecida, in Santo Eduardo, took fourth place – for Years 6 and 7, for the project “Tetra Pak Packaging: Thermal Insulating Material for Science Teaching”.

Marcelo Ferris stressed the importance of the award for the entire public network of the municipality. “When we present this group of award-winning students, we are very happy. EM Claudia Almeida students are heading to Pernambuco where they will represent Rio de Janeiro in the National Theater that will be held next year. We also have students from Luiz Sobral schools, who took first place in Years 8 “And the ninth, that is, there is nothing left for the other municipalities. I got all the primary school awards. We have schools here in different regions such as Farol de São Tomé, Santo Eduardo and Guarós and this fills us with joy and pride.”

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For Seduct’s Science Coordinator, Carla Sallis, the group achieved a very important result, which highlights the importance of providing schools with the structure and conditions so that managers and students can carry out research. “All of this is important so that they can implement the scientific method, which is observation, raising hypotheses, testing these hypotheses, and discussing the results that we are dedicating now. A milestone for our municipality. I have been with the Network for 20 years, headed the Science Coordination for 14 years and we have never had an outstanding event at Fecti like this one in 2023, which shows that we are on the right track and will achieve more because we have the conditions. Let’s do it. “We have a Lab Mais project with science, robotics and mathematics laboratories, as well as purchasing tablets, computers and Chromebooks,” Carla explained.

Student and teacher experience

Students from Escola Municipal Nossa Senhora Aparecida, Antonella and Ryan spoke about the project they developed using tetra pak containers as a thermal insulator. “We decided to work with these boxes because we saw that they could be a great insulator. We did tests and got great results. We relied on the help of the community to collect milk cartons, we washed them, cut them up, took bond paper, A4 paper and an iron and ironed them. The plastic melted, It stuck to the plate and became very sustainable, forming a unique piece,” concluded Antonella.

Claudia Almeida Pinto de Oliveira School Principal, Claudia María dos Santos Souza Barreto, spoke about the importance of science in the classroom. “It’s theory and practice tied together, and it’s the students’ sense of belonging to the school. Science made all this magic happen. Learning is a process that I take pride in. We live in a very important moment because science is challenging common sense. “As director, my role is to support science, and the laboratories were key to achieving this,” says Claudia.

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Paula Farah, director of EM Doutor Luiz Cabral, said the award shows the students’ determination and desire to learn. “Through this kind of experience they realize that with training, desire and knowledge they can do anything in life. I think it gives much greater motivation than just a classroom. This is what we need, we need more projects and less of the classical education model, which is centered around classes.” “They need practice,” says Paula.