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New York’s mayor blames automakers for the rise in auto theft

New York’s mayor blames automakers for the rise in auto theft

Mayor of New York (New York), L.L democratic Eric Adams announced that the municipal administration should file a lawsuit against South Korean automakers Kia that it Hyundai claiming that they did not have the factory-installed anti-theft technology in their vehicles. Because of this, the number of robberies and vehicle thefts has increased in the city.

According to a city council statement, the operation aims to “hold both companies accountable for refusing to supply certain models of their cars with anti-theft tools.” In New York, just last year, there was an increase of nearly 900% in thefts of Kia vehicles and 760% in the case of Hyundai vehicles.

This measure can be adopted by other cities that have also recorded an increase in car thefts of both brands. Last year, a series of videos circulating on the social network TikTok posed a “challenge” of car thefts from automakers Kia and Hyundai. The authors of the video showed how to steal these cars using a USB cable and a screwdriver.

“We will not stand by while automakers turn a blind eye to security and make it easier for criminals to take advantage of citizens,” Adams said.

When asked about the anti-theft mechanisms installed in the cars, Hyundai told NBC in a note that it is “committed to ensuring the quality and safety of its products.”

According to the automaker, so-called immobilizers — or locks — have been standard on all vehicles since November 2021 and a free software update has been made available to prevent theft. The company also confirmed that it would refund customers who purchased steering wheel locks and that it “continues to provide free steering wheel locks nationwide.”

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Kia, for its part, has yet to show itself.