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New WhatsApp update: Discover the new features

New WhatsApp update: Discover the new features

WhatsApp is always making updates and implementing new features to make the experience of its users better. Last Wednesday (4), the app announced a new setting that allows users to select only one option in polls.

In addition, new features have also been integrated into the messenger that allow forwarding media with descriptions and sharing documents with subtitles.

Want to know more about these new features? Next, we’ll tell you all about the new features of the app.

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WhatsApp surveys

As of the new update, new options for creating polls, searching, and tracking your results have been added.

Polls were added to the app in 2022, and until then, people were allowed to choose more than one option. At this time, with the new update, WhatsApp will allow polls to be configured so that users only vote once.

To do this, you need to disable the “Allow multiple responses” option when creating the survey. Now, as with messages, it is also possible to search in polls.

If you want to find a survey that was conducted some time ago, just filter the search results by selecting the survey only. Another interesting feature is follow poll.

The app will notify the poll creator as soon as a group member votes and will show how many people have participated so far, allowing you to follow the results of the polls in real time.

Media description and documentation

Another feature of this update is the ability to add subtitles when forwarding media from one group to another. This function makes it easy to provide context for the image that the user wants to share, by being able to remove or change the description given to the image.

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Another novelty is the ability to share documents with subtitles that explain the content of the PDF file before sending it.