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turn around!  ChatGPT outperforms Bard and is now available on Google Docs

turn around! ChatGPT outperforms Bard and is now available on Google Docs

The use of artificial intelligence promises to facilitate – and revolutionize – everyday procedures, such as submitting work reports, for example. In this sense, GPT Workspace can be a good choice, since the program offers two extensions: one for Gmail and one for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

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In this way, ChatGPT can be accessed directly from the applications. The novelty is from Qualtir and is already available.


Through the use of a GPT workspace, it is possible to create many documents, with the command. However, it is also possible to order an already prepared document or presentation.

In the case of Gmail, for example, it is possible to use a Chat bot To write professional emails or even create quick replies. For those who choose to use artificial intelligence in their slides, they will be able to produce complete presentations, including photos and detailed descriptions.

Finally, if use is in Google Docs, ChatGPT is capable of building text structures ranging from letters to blog posts and websites.


For those who want to test the tool, GPT Workspace offers a completely free version. However, it limits the user to ten orders per month. For those who like to use the gadget more often, there is a choice of the premium model. In short, it costs $19 per month, which is roughly R$95.00.

Finally, it is worth noting that the extensions do not have access to personal information and files located in the user’s Google Drive. By default, the data remains on Google’s servers at all times.

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Cool on the workspace

It should be noted that, in March, Google announced that it would release its own AI tool for use in Gmail and Docs. However, novelty has been limited to US, business and educational accounts.
In practice, just like GPT Workspace, Google’s AI helps compose emails, changing the tone of messages to something more formal or informal, for example.

Despite its promise, the chatbot didn’t get off to a good start. This is because sources claim that Google Bard needs humans to point to answers, which increases the chances of presenting errors to users.