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New Perfect Dark finally gets a trailer for the game;  watch now!

New Perfect Dark finally gets a trailer for the game; watch now!

Credits: Disclosure/Xbox

After a long period and even speculation about development difficulties, Microsoft revealed the new gameplay Perfect darkness. Rare’s reimagining of the classic won the Video Awards Xbox Games Show 2024It was held on Sunday (9).

The more than three-minute clip showcases the game’s atmosphere as well as some of the protagonist’s abilities Joanna Dark. The setting appears to involve climate crises and the hunt for a villain called… Danielle Carrington. Check out the trailer below:

The game debuted at The Game Awards in 2020. Since then, few details have been known about the project – and there were doubts that it would actually go ahead.

What to expect from the new Perfect Dark

The new Perfect Dark, dubbed the reboot, was developed by Microsoft itself By the initiative in partnership with Crystal Dynamics. The team also includes developers who worked on the original series, but don’t have to play the old games to keep up with the new game.

The title is a first-person shooter game set in the near future It mixes the elements of espionage and stealth as well as action. The spy is able to evade pursuit, use a variety of firearms, and engage in hand-to-hand combat.

Using gadgets is part of secret agent gameplay. (Image source: Clone/Xbox)

Among the equipment, there is a type of thermal vision and a “hacker” device that works as a voice recorder to open doors and electronic skylights. There are several ways to complete each mission, depending on the player’s style.

In the game, Joanna is voiced by Alex Regan (Cyberpunk 2077) is in English, but it captures the model’s movements and appearance Elissa Peapod. Based on the content released so far, she is an agent of dataDyneWith a “deep personal connection to what is happening in your world.”

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The technology scenario includes corporate actions and climate crises. (Image source: Clone/Xbox)

The plot also involves a company called Basic mantisWhich creates a supposed solution to natural disasters. It applies the technology to Cairo, Egypt, which is precisely the playhouse. However, the company’s intentions are not the best.

Perfect Dark does not have a release date yet. The game has so far only been confirmed for Xbox Series X|S, including Game Pass since day one.

source: X-Box

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