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New Nubank functionality simplifies card limit increase

New Nubank functionality simplifies card limit increase

Nubank, the financial institution that conquers the hearts of Brazilians, is constantly offering many benefits to its users. In addition to offering investment options for clients’ funds, it offers line of credit and life insurance.

Last Monday (24), the company announced a novelty that promises to be very attractive: the possibility of increasing the credit card limit with investments already made in the account.

This innovative initiative aims to provide more financial independence and control to users, who will be able to use their own resources to increase the credit card limit.

This way, a higher limit can be obtained without having to request an increase directly from Nubank, which would often require a more rigorous credit evaluation or analysis.

In other words, the customer can use the amount they already have in their Nubank account to “give themselves” a higher line of credit, which can be especially useful in emergencies or to make higher value purchases.

If you still have doubts about how it all works, you can rest assured: we are ready to clarify all your questions below.

Nubank: LCredit tradition without bureaucracy

Many people face difficulties when it comes to increasing the credit card limit. Some of the most common causes include having a negative credit history, insufficient income, or financial instability.

In addition, banks often have strict criteria for raising the limit, such as a good credit score, timely payment history, and a high amount of spending on the existing card.

With the launch of the new function “NU Guaranteed Limit”, Nubank offers a simplified way to obtain an increase in the card’s limit, although subject to an important condition: a financial investment.

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How it works?

For those who are Nubank customers, they are probably familiar with the option to save money in ‘little boxes’. These funds are like separate accounts into which users can deposit money that do not have a debit option but yield a higher interest rate than traditional savings accounts.

Now, with the new “NU Guaranteed Limit” functionality, users can use these funds to guarantee an increased limit on their credit cards.

Basically, the user invests in one of the funds available in the Nubank app and that amount is “blocked” as collateral to increase the limit.

With this, the bank begins to consider the amount invested as part of the credit card limit, allowing the user to obtain a higher limit without having to comply with all the traditional conditions of limit increase.

It is important to note that although this is a simpler way to get a limit increase, you still need to invest money to secure the increase you want. However, this can be an interesting option for those who want to increase their limits and already have money available to invest.