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New governor of the Directorate of the Faith Faith.  Here is the message of Pope Francis – Instituto Humanitas Unisinos

New governor of the Directorate of the Faith Faith. Here is the message of Pope Francis – Instituto Humanitas Unisinos

Letter from the Holy Father to the new President of the Department for the Doctrine of the Faith

to His Excellency the Honorable
Bishop Victor Manuel Fernandez

Vatican, 1 July 2023

Dear brother,

As the new mayor of Dicastery for the Doctrine of FaithI entrust you with a mission which I consider very valuable. yours The primary aim is to preserve the teaching of faith “to give reason for our hope, but not as enemies pointing and condemning.” [1].

The department you would head at other times began to use unethical methods. Those were times when possible doctrinal errors were pursued rather than theological knowledge furthered. What I undoubtedly expect from you is something quite different.

I was dean Theological College of Buenos Airespresident Argentine Theological Society He is the chief Committee on Faith and Culture of the Argentine Episcopate, in any case voted on by your peers, who thus appreciate your divinity and charisma. dean Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, encouraged the healthy integration of knowledge. On the other hand, I was a parish priest.Santa Teresa“And yet an archbishop La PlataShe knew how to put theological knowledge into dialogue with the life of God’s holy people.

Since a specific department with very competent professionals has recently been set up for disciplinary matters – particularly relating to the abuse of minors – I ask you as Director to dedicate your personal commitment more directly to the principal aim of the decastrality, which is to “keep the faith”.[2].

In order not to limit the meaning of this mission, we must add that it is a matter of “increasing the intelligence of faith and transmitting it in the service of missionary, so that its light becomes a criterion for understanding the meaning of existence, especially in facing the questions raised for the advancement of science and the development of society.”[3]. These questions, accepted in a renewed proclamation of the gospel message, “become tools for evangelization.” [4]Because it allows us to engage in dialogue with “the current context in what is unprecedented in human history.” [5].

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Furthermore, you know that the Church “needs to grow in the interpretation of the revealed Word and in the understanding of the truth.”[6] Without that imposing one way to express it. Because “the different lines of philosophical, theological and pastoral thought, if allowed by the Spirit to harmonize in respect and love, can also make the Church grow.” [7]. This harmonious growth will preserve the Christian faith more effectively than any control mechanism.

It’s good that your homework expresses that The Church encourages theologians’ charisma and theological research efforts. As long as they “don’t accept tabletop theology” [8]With “a cold, ruthless logic that seeks to control everything.” [9]. It will always be true that reality trumps idea. In this sense, we need theology to be attentive to a Basic criterion: to consider “any inappropriate theological conception that calls into question, in the latter case, God’s omnipotence and, above all, his mercy.” [10]. We need an idea that knows how to convincingly present a God who loves, forgives, saves, who liberates, uplifts people and calls them to brotherly service..

This happens if “advertising focuses on the essential, which is the most beautiful, the largest, the most attractive and at the same time the most necessary.” [11]. You well know that there is a harmonious order among the truths of our letter, that the greatest danger occurs when secondary issues end up overshadowing the central ones.

With this richness in mind, your task also requires special care in verifying that the documents of the Dicastery itself and others have sufficient theological support, are consistent with the rich humus of enduring Church teaching, and, at the same time, are acceptable to the Hadith. Didactic education.

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May Our Lady protect and care for you in this new mission. Please don’t stop praying for me.


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New governor of the Directorate of the Faith Faith. Here is the message of Pope Francis – Instituto Humanitas Unisinos – IHU