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In the United States, Borek attracts businessmen and accuses Bolsonaro - 06/08/2022 - the world

In the United States, Borek attracts businessmen and accuses Bolsonaro – 06/08/2022 – the world

In the United States for the Summit of the Americas, Gabriel Borek, The Chilean president who took office in MarchHe was one of the leaders most wanted for meetings with businessmen, who wanted to hear how he intended to unite the search for foreign investment with the fight against social inequality.

In a speech on Wednesday (8), at a parallel event to the summit, Borek defended international partnerships to accelerate Chile’s economic development, without implying risky business or disrespect for the environment. “We want development in which no one is left behind, because divided societies have much more difficulty in achieving sustainable growth,” he said.

The Chilean leader also defended the financial responsibility and He said again that the issue shouldn’t be just a right-wing flag. He said, “The left has to embrace it, because it guarantees that the lives of our people will improve,” for whom social inequality is “morally unjust.”

Earlier, upon his arrival in Los Angeles, Borek demanded that the Brazilian government approve his candidacy for the Chilean Embassy in Brazil. As for Chilean cars, he said he expects “the Brazilian chancellor’s response” and again He admitted there were “principal differences with the president.” [Jair] Bolsonaro” – The Chilean leader has already made positive statements to Lula, who will run in this year’s elections with Bolsonaro.

said Borek, who appointed Sebastian Depolo to head his country’s diplomatic representation in Brazil. The Brazilian government has not said if Bolsonaro will hold other bilateral meetings during the summit in addition to meeting with US President Joe Biden. The Brazilian leader is scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles on Thursday morning (9) and meet the Democrat in the afternoon.

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On Tuesday and Wednesday, some South American authorities met businessmen in the city hosting the leaders’ meeting. Dinner and conversations with Borek were much requested, higher than meetings with other presidents, such as Guillermo Lasso (Ecuador) and Pedro Castillo (Peru). Before traveling to Los Angeles, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received Borrek in Canada, with whom he signed a memorandum of partnership to advance gender equality.

Biden will deliver the opening speech at the summit at 5 pm (9 pm in Brasilia). In his speech, the US President will announce the US Partnership for Economic Prosperity, a strategy divided into five points: revitalizing regional economic institutions, especially the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), increasing the resilience of supply chains, improving public services, creating jobs with the transition to green energies and expanding regional foreign trade.

This Wednesday, the US government also announced the creation of the Health Authority of the Americas, which will train 500,000 professionals from the continent, at a cost of US$100 million. Part of the amount will be funded by the USA, which will also provide training in institutions in the country.