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Nego Di reveals a WhatsApp-only group that has been canceled from BBB21, and introduces a refusing participant: “Decided not to cancel”; Watch

Cancel this?! ha ha ha BBB21 It was very severe and Setting impressive rejection recordsBut how is the canceled edition after all the turmoil? Pass through this bar close to each other! Negotiable She recently revealed that she had a group on WhatsApp with guys who didn’t do well on the reality show.

In addition to the “Outside Maintenance” group, which includes – nearly – all BBB21 participants, the Revokes created a small group to contact. The network includes the comedian himself, Carol Konka and Lumina. “Projota decided in his head that it was not canceled and gave it,” Gaucho explained, on the “Fora de rea” podcast.

Nego Di also told how his relationship with the rapper was after left confinement. “He left, I called him and said, ‘Man, I’m together, anything. Because I was already fine, right? When he left, I thought it would be badass for him, since he doesn’t have the allure of comedy. He is a serious man with a family‘,” the comedian said.

I called, texted. He imagined it, and took a long time to respond, when he answered, he said, ‘It’s okay, brother. Hope all is well there too, big hug. At first it was this, then he did a ‘fia’ that was crying everywhere he wentThe former BBB joked.

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Nego Di also revealed the advice he gave Projota. “We made a lot of mistakes, but I think we know better than anyone what we’ve been through, we’ve been there, no tweaks, no cuts, we feel all that happened I really think you should keep to yourself, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to apologize for Something you didn’t do, staying in this herd effectHowever, according to the comedian, the rapper did not respond to the message and did not want to associate his image with that which was canceled in the release. WL!

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Set without Juliet

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These post BBB WhatsApp groups are making waves! Recently, there has been some confusion about whether or not Juliet is present in a chat set up by former co-workers in confinement. The whole show started with an interview with Lucas stretcher The newspaper “O Globo”, published last Wednesday (9), in which Carioca said that Juliet will already be in the chat, weeks later. Viih Tube admits that the woman from Paraíba refused to participate in the meeting.

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When asked about the topic, he came in second place on the reality show Globo TV He said the lawyer’s decision was recent. Last week, we included brothers who for some reason weren’t there. Today, everyone is part of the group. I am more than [turma da] JULIETGail, Joao and Carla Diaz”, announced.

Camila even told a little about the chatting atmosphere. “While we were at home, we arranged get-togethers here. But the reality is different. We are all very busy. We have a WhatsApp group where we exchange a few words. It’s that thing: ‘What’s up? Is there anyone in Rio? Anyone in Sao Paulo? We had no quarrels or laundry. No one is satisfied yet.” I showed.

Camila De Lucas revealed that Juliet was going to join the ex-BBB group on WhatsApp…but it was all just trolling with the influencer! (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Previously, the influencer Viih Tube, responsible for creating the group, shared on its social networks that the woman from Paraíba decided not to participate in the game, since she was still processing everything that happened on the program.

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“I thought Joe’s decision not to go in was right. Now, given everything she’s been through, I think it’s going to be a lot for her, it’s a very big step and it’s going to be hard to face it all. This is not the time,” She was classified as blonde at the time. “But if one day she wants it and feels ready, she already knows she’ll be most welcome. The atmosphere of the group is also full of nostalgia, lots of laughs and our stickers at BBB”, is over.

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After the interview in which she stated that the hero was to be added to the “Outside Maintenance” group, Camila De Lucas sought out hugogloss.com To illustrate the story that was just a joke in a comedy show. “I just found out that this number in the WhatsApp group that came in, is not Juliet’s number. He was someone impersonating her, pretending to be her, because a video clip would appear on a comedy show. In other words, Juliet is not in the group. I’m shocked here because now I see it’s not her, explained the runner-up.

I got over that they pretended to be her on the set. Then I did an interview and the person asked me, “What about Juliet, didn’t you want to join the group?” I said, “No, she’s in, she’s fine with everyone.” So today I was with Joao [Pedrosa] And he said to me, “Did you see that they entered the group pretending to be Juliet?” I said what?’ I already told Juliet that even if she wanted to, she wouldn’t comeCarioca joked.

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On Twitter, Camila also explained that the whole thing was a mess. “Juliet is not in the group you guys. One post added a number pretending it was her to go out on a comedy show and everyone believed him. In other words, Juliet didn’t join the group and I won’t let her in‘, reiterated the influencer.

The program in question written by comedian Mauricio Meirelles, the talk show “Foi Mau”, on RedeTV!. explained to hugogloss.com Who was really responsible for the joke. “Caillou [Afiune] It was on my show. Since he is one of the managers of the BBB group and I was playing with his cell phone, I changed my picture to Juliet and he “added” me to the group… It was funnyThe presenter said. Help! kkkkk Now everything makes sense!

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Juliette Supports Camila De Lucas on Bbb21
It wasn’t this time Juliet joined the BBB21 group. (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)