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"My love Kenga"

“My love Kenga”

Economist and influencer Gilberto Noguevara makes a fortune six months after BBB21 – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Gil do Vigor is one of the most talked about personalities of 2021. As the year draws to a close, the economist, who was introduced to Brazil during the ‘BBB’, is delighted to have introduced ‘Kill In’ for the past few months. California ‘, his new documentary, produced by Globoplay. In production, Gill guarantees that the public will know more about his personality than what was shown on the reality show.

“It moves me a lot to see my story portrayed. My heart is 200 per hour. In ‘PPP’, many times I could not open my mind, worried that people would see me as a victim and poor. I was strong, I always thought I could, I could. But when I came to America, despite my hard life, I faced unimaginable difficulties. People will see that I face new fears and challenges. A gill I didn’t even know would come with them. In California, I’m well aware of the freedom of who I am. There’s a very different kind of gill out there, ”Gill reveals.

When talking about challenges, Gill misuses honesty when he says that adaptation in America is not as easy as it seems. “It’s a pity! Americans have a culture of wanting to rule with confidence. They think they’re the happiest people in the world. Traumatized.I was taken away by my family and some people from Ph.D. Others resisted me and formed resistance.Last month I was able to make friends with the neighbors.I found out that if you pay Kachaza you will become their best friend.When I return from vacation, I know what to do Already know (laughs) “, the former PPP jokes.

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New fact

With her characteristic good humor, Gill reveals that she has already seen some tight skirts in the country. “I had a lot of problems. Language is not the problem, but communication. For example: In Brazil, ‘I like you so much!’ Frequently. In English, ‘I like you’ weighs in, I don’t know. I came there wanting to date and said ‘I like you so much’ to the men who were scared to look at me. When they explained to me what it meant to be in love there, I had to go back and explain one by one: You are beautiful, I accept it if you want ‘Chucky Touch’ with me, but there is no zero lust here. Because my love is Genga. But translating this is complicated, right (laughs)? I’m starting to get hurt, I’m accidentally creating discomfort, “Gill explains.

But when it comes to freedom, Gill admires the American way of life. In this sense, the former PPP appreciates diversity in California. “In San Francisco, you say you’re gay, and you do not ask: ‘Look, there’s nothing against me.’ It was different for me that it should not be a problem for anyone.My sexual orientation was accepted, no one judged me.You can be who you are, you can live what you want, you never have to explain.It gave me a very free feeling.The rainbow flag flies everywhere.This is amazing! I got kisses, but I was not lucky with Tchaki Tchaki ”, reveals the economist.

Miss Home

Despite his success and money, Gill misses some things from his ‘old life’, especially when it comes to the Northeast.

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“My cousins ​​were there, and I cried because I didn’t have my food. Simple things like this are so important in my life! I bought a house for my mom and I am not with her to enjoy this. Those feelings affected me so much. How I missed whispering with a neighbor, welcome! I left the house and saw no one in the hallways, on the doors, in the streets. It has no human warmth, no proximity. At Recife, people want to share their lives; It’s not there, it’s everyone’s, nobody’s involved, ”said Bernambuco, a 30-year-old youth.

“It doesn’t feel real. It’s like I’m in a coma in a movie. If so, it’s fruitful. But I’m not always used to. I’ve lived a monotonous lifestyle for 30 years. The last few months have been like God’s miracle. ? God said to me: ‘Jill of Wicker, be strong!’ I went too “.