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Mr.  Amazing, Darlan Romani 'defies fate' and is almost left behind to be the world champion |  Athletics

Mr. Amazing, Darlan Romani ‘defies fate’ and is almost left behind to be the world champion | Athletics

approx. Almost again. Go now… and almost again. I felt like the time would never come. But Darlan Romani persisted and insisted beyond the usual limits even for an athlete. And you, this Saturday, can finally celebrate the fruits of so much labor. World Champion title It came after a string of good results, but it’s always not enough to get to the podium in a major world competition.

Ryan Crozer (silver), Darlan Roman (gold) and Thomas Walsh (bronze) at the World Indoor Championships – Photo: Wagner Carmo/CBAt

– It means a lot because we were fighting. It’s been a very difficult year for me, I had surgery, covid, for a year without my coach. And now to go back to the worlds and get a big score, a result like this, that makes great sense – said Darlan, after the gold medal.

In 2016, at his first Olympics, he placed fifth on home soil, at the Rio Games, with the right to a national record (21.02m). It was a great result, but there was that feeling that was so missing for the long-awaited Olympic medal. Only 34 cm. But Darlan insisted.

Two years later, it went even further. At the Birmingham World Cup, he reached 21.37 meters, breaking the South American record, but took fourth place, having taken second place in almost the entire race.. The distance to the platform was almost nothing: only seven centimeters. But Darlan insisted.

Then came the worlds of 2019. Darlan literally came out. He reached 22.53 meters, a mark that will give him a gold medal at the Rio Olympics. But, again, luck doesn’t seem to be on his side. In the last pitches, three athletes entered the 22.90 m range. The Brazilian again finished fourth. For the first time in history, an athlete who has exceeded 22 meters does not win a medal. Darlan had exceeded 22 meters by a wide margin.

I had an excellent competition and didn’t get a medal. It hurts, it hurts so much, every time you remember it, it hurts. The medal was on my chest until the last shot. In the last court I lost the medal. It was an extraordinary test. With 22.53 meters, this will be the Olympic record, a competition record, and a medal in all World Cups – he said in an interview with Esporte Espetacular.

Then came the coronavirus pandemic. Darlan’s mother and brother fell ill and were taken to the hospital. Fearing for his family, the athlete went to support them and also ended up being infected, having to take 14 days off workouts, causing him to lose 10 kilos.

In addition to getting sick, the virus had other effects on Darlan’s training. With the bus imprisoned in Cuba due to flight restrictions and club closures, he arranged a training camp next to his house, in an empty yard. This fact spread widely and the Brazilian fans began to follow the athlete closely. But the improvised training had a negative effect and he had to take a 45-day hiatus due to a herniated disc. Despite all the difficulties, Darlan persisted.

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Then came the Tokyo Olympics, a big dream for Brazilians. Once again, compete among the best. He achieved 21.88 m. And again it came in fourth place. It seemed impossible for this to happen again! But there was Darlan, 59 cm from the medal dream. This time, win the country’s affection. Contrary to what happens with some athletes, he almost never slayed before. was embraced.

Because of his resemblance to Mr. Incredible, from the movie “Incredibles”, he received a new nickname. And more twisted. Who showed solidarity and crowdfunded online so that Darlan had the resources to continue training. The cow raised twice what I suggested. And Darlan went over and over again.

Even fate seems to be tired of trying to defeat the master. Unbelievable and gave up. This Saturday, Darlan left “almost” everything behind and finally won the medal he was looking for. And if barriers are broken, it goes against all that is right. He climbed straight to the top of the platform. Gold that does justice with years of perseverance.

But if Darlan hadn’t even stopped a few times when he hit the crossbar, it wouldn’t be like that now. Mr. Unbelievably still more stubborn than ever. The target now is the Olympic medal in Paris 2024. It seems that he didn’t even dare try to stop the Brazilian anymore.